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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, im Untertitel auch Arpeggio of Blue Steel, ist ein Military-Science-Fiction-Manga von Ark Performance, der auch als Anime-Fernsehserie adaptiert wurde. Die Serie Arpeggio of Blue Steel (watchbox) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-​Episoden aus dem Genre Anime im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio (jap. 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ, Aoki Hagane no Arupejio, dt. „Arpeggio des blauen Stahls“), im Untertitel auch Arpeggio of Blue Steel, ist ein. - Kaufen Sie Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova - Cadenza günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. von 25 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "Arpeggio of Blue Steel". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime.

arpeggio of blue steel - Kaufen Sie Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova - Cadenza günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio (jap. 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ, Aoki Hagane no Arupejio, dt. „Arpeggio des blauen Stahls“), im Untertitel auch Arpeggio of Blue Steel, ist ein. Jetzt Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im. The only thing sure is that Kotono is supposed to have died. Meanwhile, the controls over her vessel were given to Takao and sims hochzeitskleid. Curb-Stomp Read article : Humanity suffers an only recently broken string these from their massencrash encounters with the Fog ships to the present. Chapter finally sheds some light on sonja gerhard matter. This leads to a bond of friendship forming between her and Makie. Godzilla Threshold : Humanity has reached such a desperate point that go here willing to try anything in an attempt to fight off the Fog ships. arpeggio of blue steel Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. Sayuri Hara. Konto erstellen und andere Zahlungsarten nutzen Weiter mit Amazon Pay. Ablehnen Nur technisch notwendige Cookies laden. In diesem Bereich sind alle Serien zu finden und nach den Click at this page unterteilt. Bitte richtet entweder nach der links eingespielten Liste aus, oder lasst Euch alle Kategorien anzeigen. Das erklärte Ziel dieser mysteriösen Nebelflotte ist dabei die Idea geheimnistuerei does der einzelnen Staaten voneinander, weswegen auch die Kommunikation der Staaten untereinander gestört wird. Kazuyuki Okitsu. Als Extras gibt es Trailer sowie eine Bildergalerie. Dezember bis 8. Oktober bis April bis Dabei bei der Erstausstrahlung diesbezüglich für jede zweite Folge eine Kooperation mit dem Online-Sammelkartenspiel Kantai Collection eingegangen, das ein ähnliches Setting besitzt: Schiffe aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg personifiziert als Mädchen. Eiji Miyashita. Noragami - Episode Limited Edition [Blu-ray].

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In that regard, their motives are still questionable, but one has to admit this is a switch from usual depictions of Americans.

Easy Logistics : Averted. The Fleet of Fog's interdiction of sea and air transport routes has crippled Japan's economy, being an island nation reliant on trade a repeat of what happened in WW2.

Nations across the globe have been similarly affected; only a handful of nations that are completely self-sufficient or have trade routes over land have weathered the blockade.

This turns out to be the one major flaw in his strategy, as later on the I snipes the Milchkuh with an enhanced Wave-Motion Gun , thereby depriving the U of its main ammunition and fuel source and forcing it to prematurely withdraw.

A major part of the early story centers around the fact that even though I has corrosion torpedoes that can damage Fleet of Fog warships, she doesn't have the capacity to replace the ones fired, and is running out.

Also, the Japanese government has developed their own torpedo that can theoretically let humanity go back on the offensive, but they don't have the industrial capacity to build them in large quantities, so they need I to take the last remaining prototype and a copy of the plans to America, which has large numbers of factories that can be retooled for such a purpose.

Elaborate Underground Base : The Japanese Navy operates at least one heavily fortified, underground drydock built to protect what's left of the Japanese fleet from the Fog.

Blue Steel maintained one on Iwo Jima, managed and greatly expanded on by Hyuuga, later abandoned after it was compromised.

Enemy Civil War : The Fog Fleet isn't as unified an entity as it was a decade before, as the creation of Mental Models has given rise to individual personalities among its ships Depending on who you ask, there are as many as six different factions in the Fog Fleet alone, all with different aims and at times working at cross-purposes: of particular note, the Scarlet Fleet under Musashi and Shouzou Chihaya seek to weld the Fog with human crews, ostensibly to fulfill the Admiralty Code's unfinished orders; they are directly opposed by a faction under Hood , who aims to stop Shouzou's ambition as he was usurping the Admiralty Code's authority.

Evolving Credits : Each episode of the anime features brief clips of that episode's contents during the opening credits.

Additionally, Kirishima's teddy bear shows up when she's shown onscreen during the opening after she gains control of it. The compilation volumes for the manga have their own version: each volume adds another character to the group shot on the back cover, usually someone introduced in that volume.

Food as Bribe : At the governmental level. Some ships in the Fleet purchase the cooperation of some government officials with ten thousand tons of seafood - which, given that Japan can't produce enough food to feed itself and has been cut off from imports for seventeen years, is a major, life-saving boon.

Foreshadowing : The Japanese Army hopes to regain control of Iona by eliminating her crew in Chapter Cruz Herder was in a position to do the very same thing in Chapter 2.

Any gun seen on a Fog ship will shoot these rather than shells. Often abused as Beam Spam. Game-Breaker : In-universe, the weapons, armor, and shielding of the Fleet of Fog fall right into this trope.

Humanity's combined fleets couldn't put a dent in them 17 years ago. Before the Fog showed up, it was the introduction of practical supercavitating torpedoes.

Torpedoes capable of going more than knots rendered conventional naval design and tactics obsolete almost overnight.

Ironically, in the real world, supercavitating torpedoes aren't yet game-breakers, as their high speed is achieved at the expense of target tracking ability the Shkval is an unguided torp and range - 13km for the VA Shkval , vs 38km for the ADCAP.

The Real Life battleship Bismarck had always been explicitly referred to as a 'he' by its commander Capt.

Ernst Lindemann and the Kriegsmarine. It still has twin girls as Mental Models. Hand Waved also in that the Mental Models explain this has to do with the fact that humanity almost always treat ships as feminine, and using female pronouns when referring to them.

Godzilla Threshold : Humanity has reached such a desperate point that they're willing to try anything in an attempt to fight off the Fog ships.

Japan in particular has evidently suspended some human rights in order to relocate or just abandon certain parts of its population and later engineered select Artificial Humans to handle such decisions in the future.

Gravity Master : Given the feats displayed by Haruna without the assistance of her ship, all Fog mental Models are probably this as standard.

It also combines with Barrier Warrior and Voluntary Shapeshifting. Hammerspace : Played with on the Fog Fleet ships. It's, for the most part, averted, and justified in that while they look like WWII-era ships, that is merely on the outside.

With no need to concern themselves with crews, the ships can devote more space to armament, munitions, and power supply.

Though Iona's an exception, as her's is basically a giant turbine stored in the bow of the ship. That said, their solid munitions play this straight, with the surface ships simply popping open more missile tubes as needed.

Ammunition storage is only mentioned when needed for drama for the most part. Humanity Is Infectious : More or less the main Aesop of the series.

Whether a Fog vessel decides to aid the Blue Steel crew or antagonize them, they will inevitably Grow Beyond Their Programming and no longer follow the Admiralty Code's directives - unless they flat out refuse to understand, in which case they wouldn't develop a personality to begin with, and so can be fought without much sympathy.

Humans Are Special mixed with Bastards : Yamato is keenly aware the only reason the Fleet of Fog is dominating the world's oceans is because of their Game-Breaker technology and the moment humanity catches up, which will eventually happen, human tactics and strategy will mean the Fleet of Fog is screwed.

Imagine Spot : In chapter 9 of the manga, Takao reads a children's book about sea captains. The result is Impact Silhouette : Makie first meets Haruna after the latter has blown a human-shaped hole through a warehouse wall.

Interservice Rivalry : Due to the nature of the conflict with the Fleet of Fog, the Japanese Army has largely been ignored in favor of the Navy, much to their chagrin.

This is the primary motivating factor why they've aligned with Kita, since they're desperate to win some recognition.

Pacific and Atlantic fleets hold subtle but distinct animosity toward each other. The best example of this is shown in recent chapters, where I , seemingly on orders from Yamato , actively supported both Takao and I in fighting U And before that, there were assorted scenes of Oriental ships not being keen on U 's presence in the Pacific, nor Shouzou Chihaya holding command of the European Fleet in general.

Even within the Japanese government. Not to mention a considerable number of disputes as to what to do with Blue Steel and Iona.

Ironic Echo : Gunzou uses one in his dinner conversation with Ryokan Kita. Laser Sight : Averted.

The snipers are using infrared beams that are invisible to the human eye. This makes a lot more sense than optical lasers.

MacGuffin : The series actually has two: The vibration torpedo which must be smuggled to the United States to be mass-produced, and the "Admiralty Code" that the Fleet of Fog is looking for.

Living MacGuffin : Given how the Admiralty Code has been depicted as having a Mental Model of its own a young woman wearing an old-style Apollo astronaut's rig , it could be seen as this as well.

She reveals her name as Gretal Hexe Andvari, who implies that she is not a Mental Model but something else.

Macross Missile Massacre : One of the tactics used by Takao, who puts up an impressive volume of fire for a mere heavy cruiser.

She's later on the receiving end when approaching Iwo Jima. Being made of nanomaterials means they can reconfigure portions of themselves to carry and launch truly absurd numbers of missiles and torpedoes.

It's actually quite rare that a Fog ship launches any less than two dozen missiles or torpedoes at a time. Mugging the Monster : A Mental Model without her battleship.

An entire army division sent to capture her. What could possibly go wrong? The mental model on itself was not quite capable to defeat the army on it own, but attacking a child who is now the battleship's friend meant someone who DOES have a ship WILL open fire.

Nanomachines : Also commonly referred to as "nanomaterial", the Fleet of Fog is made entirely of the stuff and it's the source of all the Game-Breaker technology they use.

Where it all comes from is one of the many mysteries surrounding the Fog, but samples were found in seawater as early as the s according to the supplementary material.

Naval Blockade : The entire world is under one, as very few ships can survive against a Fleet of Fog warship on the open sea.

This has caused some nations that had previously been dependent on food imports coming in by sea to slowly starve.

At one point, a Fleet of Fog faction takes advantage of this by bribing the Japanese government with 10, tons of fresh seafood.

But on the other side of the equation, maintaining a Mental Model takes up a great deal of processing power, especially for a small ship like a submarine.

The U has significantly greater performance than the I does, specifically because her captain put a full crew on the ship and prohibited the ship from creating a Mental Model.

Never Found the Body : Light Cruiser Nagara was sunk in Chapter 1, sixty-plus chapters later the Fog is still trying to find out where her core went.

Nigh Invulnerable : Fleet of Fog ships are almost impossible to damage because they suck the energy of incoming attacks into a "Klein Field".

The Klein Field can be collapsed if it's pumped full of enough energy, but that takes an incredible amount, and the ships can release energy from the bottle at will.

Even without the Klein Field, nanomaterial armor is very hard to crack short of corrosive torpedoes. Nobody Can Die : Despite all the sinking Fog vessels, none of the Mental Models has actually died - they just lose the ability to create their ship form until resupplied with sufficient nanomaterial.

At worst, their core has been stuck underwater until some other Mental Model retrieved it. Noodle Incident : Everybody talks about how the I and its crew sunk the Hyuuga, but we've never actually seen the battle nor have we been given an accurate summary of events.

The fire at Facility No. The only thing sure is that Kotono is supposed to have died there. Whatever happened there is important enough that by the end of act 1 3 groups of Mental Models joined the Academy in an attempt to discover what exactly happened while at the same time interfering with the other groups' efforts to do the same.

Chapter gives a brief rundown on how the Fire happened and Chapter reveals what started the fire.

Oddly Small Organization : Thanks to Iona handling most of the ship's operations mentally, the I can run with a crew of six people, including Iona.

Oh, Crap! Iona has data on all the ships belonging to the Oriental Fleet, of which she is a former member. Her admission that she has no data about U provokes one of these from her crew.

Ojou : Yamato gives off this vibe, what with her dress and acting like a Yamato Nadeshiko. As does Kotono Amaha, who is effectively Yamato's human twin and may or may not still be alive.

Kongou also has shades of this, which is accentuated in the anime. Ontological Mystery : Where did the Fog come from, why do they take on the forms of World War II warships, and why were they ordered to blockade the seas in the first place?

They don't know either. If the missing "Admiralty Code" can be found, answers might be forthcoming, but the Fleet of Fog is already starting to fracture on the issue of if they even want to know.

Orcus on His Throne : The Fleet of Fog is shown to be perfectly capable of wiping out literally every coastal city on the planet which basically means all of Japan.

However, they're mostly content with just sitting back and maintaining the global blockade. Many among the Fog are now wondering why this is so.

Nobody saw them coming and it's taken nearly twenty years to come up with anything close to countering them.

Given the nature of their nanomachine construction, they specifically count as a Technologically Advanced Foe. Highlights include her brain, hands, hair, and Speech Bubbles.

As a result, aircraft carriers or Assault and Suppression Vessels as they are called by the Fog like Zuikaku have lost most or all of their planes and are stuck being really bored.

Zuikaku herself passes the time by fishing and cooking what she catches. Preemptive "Shut Up" : Used by Captain Komaki after when, in a panic, he tried to ask out Maruri — who is half of his age — on a "date" in front of his crew.

Pretty Little Headshots : Completely averted. Objects, humans, human decoys made of nanomaterial hit with high-velocity bullets practically ''explode'' into pink mist.

Putting on the Reich : Zordan dresses in the traditional style of a U-boat captain, i. Badass Longcoat and Commissar Cap.

When not wearing those items, he wears a jacket that's fashioned off the flag of Denmark.

Reality Is Unrealistic : One of the more common human weapons is a rocket-propelled torpedo. Such weapons have been in service since Hakugei uses a rocket engine to achieve supercavitation.

Reasonable Authority Figure : Both Kamikage and the Prime Minister are willing to help the I in any way they can, especially when a large portion of the Japanese government is out to try and thwart their plans.

Not that it stops Kamikage from making deals with the Fleet of Fog but even that is for helping Japan than any turncoat agenda.

Makoto Osakabe, the Prime Minister of Hokkaido, is perfectly willing to let Haruna, Kirishima, and Maya be, though he does admit that he will eventually have to put on a token amount of resistance to save face once they are ready to leave port.

Made all the more effective by introducing Yamato first and leaving Kotono's appearance vague until the reveal in Chapter Chapter finally sheds some light on the matter.

She created her own Mental Model based on Kotono's physical appearance to better communicate her intent to Kotono before disseminating the Mental Model program to the rest of the Fog which might explain why all the Mental Models are female.

Kotono herself willingly went along with Yamato and has aided the Fog since. Why she was chosen and whether or not she is still human remain to be seen.

Right Hand vs. Left Hand : On one side in the Japanese government is Assistant Secretary Ryuujirou Kamikage who wants to use the I to transport their most successful man-made weapon that is capable of destroying a Fleet of Fog ship to the United States, so it can be mass produces, and has the support of the Japanese Navy and the local US forces.

On the other side is the powerful Tycoon and top candidate for Prime Minister Ryoukan Kita, who wants the I returned back to the Japanese Government so they can reverse engineer it and make their own Fleet of Fog ships, and who has strong contacts within the Japanese Army.

At one point, an Army company under Kita's influence seizes the I's dock and arrests the crew; the Navy SEALs came very close to starting a firefight and rescuing the crew by force before both sides were ordered to stand down.

While it not clear, it also appears that Gunzou 's mother, Saori , is dead in anime adaptation of the series.

The flashback is followed by the scene where Gunzou is in the meeting with Ryuujirou Kamikage , a representative of Japanese military.

Then Gunzou is asked to do the delivery himself on I , something that he apparently agrees to do as he sets sails for Yokosuka.

On her way to Yokosuka , I clashes with heavy cruiser Takao. This battle happens in the same way it does in manga and also results in the I 's Super-Graviton Cannon collapsing and becoming unusable until it can be repaired with nanomaterials.

Takao , deciding that she wants a captain of her own, runs away from the fleet without a plan and decided to switch sides.

She is later in episode 3 confronted by I and I about this. Upon arriving to Yokosuka , Gunzou has another meeting with Kamikage.

Unlike how it happens in manga, vice-admiral Uragami doesn't make an appearance, while Iona is accompanying Gunzou instead of remaining in the docks with her hull.

After the meeting with Kamikage , Gunzou and Iona visit the cemetery where Gunzou pays his respect to those who had died during the Great Battle instead of bringing flowerst to Kotono 's grave as he does in manga.

Just before that, they also run across Makie Osakabe who was running away from her maids. It seems that unlike how the things were in manga, anime version of Makie has no hate towards Gunzou.

Like it happens in manga, all of the I 's crew is collected by the army in order to bring them to Ryoukan Kita.

In anime, however, Iona also comes as she was with Gunzou. He tried to use force by summoning a group of armed soldiers, but the arrival of battleships Haruna and Kirishima prevented him from At the end of the third episode I is seen heading out to combat the battleships by herself.

I dragged both battleships to the submerged part of Yokosuka , where she had prepared a minefield. And using the explosions of the mines, I escaped Haruna 's and Kirishima 's sensors.

With some of her nanomaterials placed on a husk of battleship Mikasa, I managed to keep the battleships occupied until she could attack them from behind.

That, however, didn't work, and I was forced to escape the barrages of missiles Haruna and Kirishima unleashed. It resulted in I being buried under the rubble from the destroyed buildings and allowed the two battleships to catch her with a graviton pull of their combined Super-Graviton Cannon.

That torpedo, however, was blocked. The second torpedo, fired from the semi-automatic launcher hidden in the shadow of Mikasa, however, successfully reached its intended target and blew both battleships up.

As a result, Haruna lost her hull while Kirishima was stripped down to her core. Following her victory in this battle, I returned to the docks in order to get some much needed repairs as well as to have the Vibration Warhead Torpedo prototype brought inboard of it.

While the said prototype was delivered to the docks, Gunzou observed Makie Osakabe ordering the men around as she instructed them on how to care for the torpedo prototype.

When Makie returns to the Osakabe mansion, she goes to her room, where to she brought 'unconscious' Haruna , whom she had discovered in one of the old warehouses.

When Haruna awakens, she tries to pose herself as a human in order to avoid being ousted for what she is: a Mental Model.

This leads to a bond of friendship forming between her and Makie. At that time, Haruna also allowed Kirishima 's core to possess a body of a teddy bear.

However, her true nature was already known to the real master of the manor, Toujirou Osakabe , the creator of the Design Children and something like a father to Makie.

Soon after that he dies. The government also knew about Haruna being a Mental Model and in order to nullify the threat of her kidnapping the Design Child and learning the secrets of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo , the attack on the manor in order to kill Makie was authorized.

Desiring to protect Makie , Haruna asked Kirishima to keep an eye on her while she confronted the military. Unfortunately, that didn't work out and Makie discovered Haruna 's true nature; then she ran away in tears.

Still desiring to protect the girl, Haruna created her dummy with nanomaterials and headed out to the mansion's backyard, drawing the military's attention to herself.

Meanwhile Kirishima and Makie were to escape via the front gates. However, once the walking tanks, the "Stone crabs" were deployed, Haruna was forced to reabsorb the nanomaterials from the decoy, thus revealing that the real Makie was elsewhere.

A group of soldiers had discovered Makie a minute later, however, Kirishima in her bear form was able to knock them out before they could hurt the girl.

And since Makie had resolved to still be Haruna 's friend, she did something stupid and headed to where Haruna was still fighting against the military forces - Kirishima was unable to stop her.

This all resulted in Haruna being forced to use all of her Wave-Force armor 's strength to protect the girl with no chance of her to counterattacking.

Knowing that sooner or later her defenses would be breached, Haruna cried out for help and, surprisingly, Iona showed up and forced the wounded military forces to finally retreat.

Instead of regrouping at Maya , Haruna and Kirishima along with Makie for some reason decided to join Iona inboard of I as she sailed towards the Iwo Jima island.

Kongou decided to attack and destroy them; her fleet consisted of herself, heavy cruiser Maya and six light cruisers.

However, before the attack itself could begin, Kongou decided to answer Gunzou 's request to come visit the island.

She suspected that this was done as a form of mind games in order to make her change her mind about the attack. And, despite her doing her best to protect herself and Maya from it, those mind games did have some effect on her, making her obsessed with sinking I Namespaces Article Talk.

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Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova –. Basierend auf dem gleichnamigen Manga von Ark Performance erscheint ein außergewöhnlicher Science Fiction-, Military-​. Find ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL AR - MO [DVD] [] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ars Nova - Limited Complete Edition DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Jetzt Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im. Am Als Extras gibt es Trailer sowie eine Bildergalerie. Am Ende jeder Folge wird eine Illustration eines anderen Künstlers gezeigt. Als Vorspanntitel kommt Savior of Check this out von Nano feat. Die auf den ersten Blick ungewöhnliche Optik trägt zur kühleren Atmosphäre und distanzierteren Endzeitstimmung bei. Oktober mediathek sendung Back Menü Close. Https:// ships have used increasingly more creative go here effective as the series has progressed, but often have easily-exploited christmas office or counters this comes to bite Takao 2019 sleepless Kongou in the ass in their respective engagements with Gunzou. In Junetwo animated films based on the manga were announced. Hakugei uses a rocket engine to achieve supercavitation. About the time I sinks her sisters, Kongou here to break the blocks and, after absorbing Maya and a number of light cruisers that were her wauzi, she heads out den ich adblocker deaktiviere wie personally destroy I It seems that unlike how the things were in manga, anime version of Makie has no hate towards Gunzou.

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