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Ein atemloser Thriller um ein Onlinespiel, das eskaliert Eigentlich will Vee gar nicht mitspielen bei diesem neuen Online-Spiel, bei dem man ständig neue peinliche "Challenges" bekommt, die sofort ins Netz gestellt werden. Aber um einen Jungen auf. NERVE - Das Spiel ist aus, wenn wir es sagen: Ryan, Jeanne, Ohlsen, Tanja: Bücher. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»NERVE - Das Spiel ist aus, wenn wir es sagen«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Bücher bei Jetzt Nerve - Das Spiel ist aus, wenn wir es sagen von Jeanne Ryan versandkostenfrei bestellen bei, Ihrem. "Nerve" ist ein Jugendbuch der Autorin Jeanne Ryan und erschien als Taschenbuch mit Seiten im cbj Verlag der Random House Gruppe. Der Prolog.

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Leider war ich von der Buchvorlage dann aber etwas enttäuscht. Die Geschichte im Buch ist nicht ganz so gut durchdacht und die Charaktere sind nicht so. Ein atemloser Thriller um ein Onlinespiel, das eskaliert Eigentlich will Vee gar nicht mitspielen bei diesem neuen Online-Spiel, bei dem man ständig neue peinliche "Challenges" bekommt, die sofort ins Netz gestellt werden. Aber um einen Jungen auf. "Nerve" ist ein Jugendbuch der Autorin Jeanne Ryan und erschien als Taschenbuch mit Seiten im cbj Verlag der Random House Gruppe. Der Prolog.

Vee is a junior outshone by her best friend, and after seeing her best friend Syd mack on her new crush she is more than a little mad and wanting to prove herself.

She does a dare for a game online called Nerve that offers prizes after each dare. Vee lives alone with her mom in Staten Island, her older brother died two year prior sometime shortly after his high school graduation.

When pressured by friends to join the popular online game NERVE, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun.

But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

Vee is a talented photographer who has been accepted into her dream school but is having trouble telling her mom. Her friends describe her as the shy, smart and quirky girl who loves photography and the arts.

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of "watchers.

Directors: Henry Joost , Ariel Schulman. Writers: Jessica Sharzer screenplay by , Jeanne Ryan based on the novel by.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Emma Roberts Vee Dave Franco Ian Emily Meade Sydney Miles Heizer Tommy Juliette Lewis Nancy Kimiko Glenn Liv Marc John Jefferies Wes Machine Gun Kelly Ty as Colson Baker Brian Marc Ed Squires Chuck Rightor Doyle Bergdorf Salesman Josh Ostrovsky Dirt Beard Eric D'Alessandro Hype Boi Arielle Vandenberg Bergdorf Sales Lady Jonny Beauchamp Learn more More Like This.

Paper Towns Comedy Drama Mystery. Now You See Me I Crime Mystery Thriller. Now You See Me 2 Action Adventure Comedy.

The DUFF Comedy Romance. To ask other readers questions about Nerve , please sign up. Is there going to be a sequel to this?

Izzy Book Queen I was just wondering that. I really wish there would be, but this is what the author said: A fan said: "I love Nerve.

Its such a daring and awesome c …more I was just wondering that. Its such a daring and awesome concept. Is there a sequel for Nerve?

Although I have some ideas where a sequel could go, there's nothing officially in the works. Can someone please explain to me it's meaning?

Savanna D Mirkats right, remember Vee was responsible for the curtains as part of her backstage play responsibilities.

A play ends with the final curtain. Perha …more Mirkats right, remember Vee was responsible for the curtains as part of her backstage play responsibilities.

Perhaps this is a clue from the author that we're supposed to think about that book itself as a play, that as readers, we became Watchers.

Cool, huh? See all 31 questions about Nerve…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Start your review of Nerve. Jan 24, Angela rated it did not like it Shelves: 1-star-reads. I read Nerve for two reason and two reasons only: The cover, because it's oddly beautiful, and because it's becoming a movie with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

That being said I don't know if it was worth it. Nerve g ot on my last one. It was so freaking boring! And think "ehhhhh this doesn't look so bad", you're wrong.

Not a single thing You've been warned. Vee is one of the most annoying female protagonist I've ever encountered. She's not only annoying she's also both childish and whiny.

There wasn't anything she couldn't find a reason to complain about. I also struggled connecting with her because of her reason for signing up for the game was so slack, a freaking boy.

Like come on?!? Then she gets into the game and is the biggest baby ever about it. The preliminary dares are so easy that I found it very hard to believe anyone would be so torn up about it.

Like one of them she has to walk into a coffee shop, convince a guy to buy her coffee, close her eyes, and sing 99 bottles, and then she cries.

Why are you crying?! I just don't understand. She cries most of the dares and a lot of them are just simple things like that.

I also found the prizes she requested and that the game would give dumb and unbelievable. Plus her constant act of screaming at the cameras " someone call " drove me insane.

When the Nerve screen says " time to shut it Vee " I about died laughing, because it was exactly how I felt too. Oh, and the other thing she kept doing that worked me was when she would ask " omg how does this game know so much about me?

Did they ask all my friends or something? How dumb can you be? You post your whole life on it.

How did you not know? On top of all this Vee is constantly in the state of being grounded and all her "friends" think it's because of her grades, but her best friend knows it's for something else When we find out why all I could think is " why the F would your parents ground you for this!!!

There's a million other ways to handle a situation like this and grounding isn't one of them. Now on to Ian. He turns out to be Vee's live rounds partner.

Ian is supposed to be this mysterious-edgy-dreamy-good bad boy, and I just didn't buy into it. Plus his "bad" background story is never fully answered.

That lack of Ian information made me laugh at the thought of these two being romantic interest. They're romance wasn't at all convincing. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's just not believable.

When they would be all cutesy with one another I just didn't fall for it. It's kind of like they were both there so why not just make them be together.

No real reason for it, just because. I would have been happier if they were just teammates and weren't thrown into being something more.

As far as side characters, well they were awful. I never in a thousand years would think that teens would be this nasty and vile to each other.

Maybe one, but several, nah. Why not Ian's friends? I was also a bit sad when there wasn't a single side character I could even kind of like.

I live for side characters and it's clear they can make or break and story, these broke it. Nerve's plot promised us a fast paced, action packed book for fans of The Hunger Games Gonna warn you after you're done with the book it'll hit you that the prologue was pointless and is never answered or did I miss something when I dozed off for a few minutes?

The dares are one boring event after another. I was hoping things would get crazy and would be more off the wall events like Lauren Oliver's Panic , but nope.

And God is this ending so unsatisfying. View all 76 comments. Not as good as its movie adaptation. I enjoyed a lot the film, and it was until the final credits I found out that the movie was based on a novel.

Vee is the main character, she is a high schooler, usually shy and living in the shadow of her best friend, Sidney, that she is one of the most popular girls in the school.

The dares get to increase the prizes but also the complexity of the dares even put them in physical risk.

View all 24 comments. Well, this was one crazy, intense journey from start to finish! Why is it always so much harder to write a review for a book you absolutely adored?

Without waffling or being an over-excited mess, I'll just write the basics. The writing was stellar! The plot was intense! The characters were relatable!

The pacing is so fast that I felt like I didn't exhale for the entirety of the book! And if my overabundance of exclamation points don't convince you to read this, I don't know what will!

View all 13 comments. Jan 02, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it liked it Shelves: im-a-lemming , liburrrrrry-book , read-in , teenie-bopper-books , or-just-watch-the-movie.

More like for fans of. Nerve is an online game where participants are challenged to dares that become increasingly difficult the further the contestants make it.

The dare she chooses? Bitches do love them some shoes. The more dares she completes, the better the prizes.

Just how far will Vee go to make her dreams come true. And will she be able to stop playing before it becomes deadly?

Well, almost fresh. There was still this little issue to contend with. Kay is my only friend who has read this and she had about the same reaction as me, but read her review and spread the love.

I have literally nothing to say about this other than the movie is better. Much better. This book had some of the most underdeveloped characters I have ever read about.

Vee was an unpleasant protagonist. She had no spark. I could not connect with her. I found her decisions incredibly irritating. Although I understand that she has a shy and timid personality However, I just could not understand her motivations or get inside her head.

On top of that, Ian had absolutely no personality. We know almost literally nothing about him so their romance did nothing for me in return.

In fact, I was highly sceptical of their entire relationship. Sydney, Matthew, and Tommy were also - similarly - bland as boiled rice.

Despite all of that, it was the plotline which ruined Nerve for me. I assumed this book was going to be a thriller. While it desperately tried to be, especially in the second half, it fell flat.

There was no sense of urgency surrounding the dares. It was so random, I could not fathom why anyone was participating.

The ending was icing on the cake. It was awful. I didn't enjoy a single aspect of this book. The characters were so bland I couldn't muster the energy to remember their names.

The romance was underdeveloped and the plotline weak. The dares were cringe-worthy rather than thrilling. I got no sense of urgency or suspense.

It was boring and poorly written. I definitely recommend the movie over this book. None of the dares at the same and the characterisation in the movie is done so well.

Ian is an amazing character and Emma Roberts acting is on point. Entertaining, but sooooooooo cheesy!

It reminded of when I was in middle school or high school and I would write stories in my head about how I was badass even though in real life I was awkward and nerdy.

I was always too afraid to go too far with the content because that would just be crazy. I mean I would be fighting bad guys with guns, but no one can really get shot right?

Also, can I cuss?? Oh, maybe I will throw in a shit or two. No matter what, though, imaginary me was going to come out of his shell, kick some bad guy in the nuts, save the day, and get the girl!

So, cheesy, right? But not bad — I was entertained. I think many others will be entertained, but if you are looking for a deep story that makes a lot of sense and features fine literary writing, this is not it.

I want to stress that I am not bashing the author or the book — it was good for a few hours of getting away and remembering being an imaginary bad ass teenager!

Nerve book signing coming soon to your local deli! View all 8 comments. Nov 27, Frankie Lovely rated it did not like it Shelves: movie-was-better.

Chills right? NERVE is an online phenomenon where players log on and complete dares for money and prizes. By all definitions, Vee is a "watcher" and not a "player" in the worl 1 star In a Word : Ridiculous or perhaps not quite ridiculous enough?

But after seeing the guy she likes kiss someone else, Vee decides that she is through being backstage in her own life and decides to take a risk and play.

What I did like I really like the concept of this story. We live so much of our lives constantly connected to the internet these days that this futuristic concept seems at first very believable.

I could absolutely see an online game like this popping up in reality. I also enjoyed the beginning of this story.

Vee was an interesting character and I was excited to watch her step outside of her comfort zone in some wild, awkward, and embarrassing ways.

What I did not like The first few dares were very fun to read about. Embarrassing dares that would be enjoyable for the watchers of the games.

Yeah, it sucks for the players, but who cares? As the dares increased in difficulty, I had a really hard time connecting with the story.

I wanted either more super embarrassing dares and a really nice coming of age story to go along with it ….. Or I wanted wild, freeing, high adrenalin craziness.

What I got was boring and farfetched slow moving situations. I seriously found myself rewriting this book in my head to make sense I do that sometimes when I'm not willing to accept defeat and dnf a book.

Really and truly … it was boring. They are all pretty much not worth mentioning. In Conclusion This book was nothing to write home about.

It was boring, farfetched, ridiculous, weird and plain. If you want to read a decent book with a similar premise, I would suggest Panic by Lauren Oliver.

Very similar but in my opinion, a better application of the underlying concept. View all 14 comments.

Aug 12, Kate GirlReading rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , favourites , young-adult. It was super fast paced and I ended up devouring it in one sitting.

Despite it being pretty ridiculous in many ways, I found the plot to be extremely gripping and overall a really entertaining read!

I will s 3. I will say that the ending was inconclusive and therefore pretty frustrating and the prologue seemed to have next to no explanation or connection to the rest of the book but nonetheless, I ended up thoroughly enjoying reading this I'm intrigued to see what the movie will be like!

View all 5 comments. I saw it first and liked it very much. From the very beginning, the book is a whole different thing.

View all 6 comments. Oct 26, lucie rated it liked it Shelves: , in-english. What can happen in one night? How far would you go to get what you want the most?

Nerve was fun, suspensefull and addictive read. The dares were simple and stupid and I enjoyed them view spoiler [my favorite is probably how Ian had to get freebie hide spoiler ] - but only at the beginning.

No fun, too much drama, bor What can happen in one night? No fun, too much drama, boring. Vee - I understand why she signed up for the game and I liked to watch how she became more confident thanks these dares.

I could expect that. Maybe next time. I mean, it takes time obviously after Nerve when Vee is haunted by one of her Watchers.

It is not one of my favorite books but I think I will re-read it some day. If you want to read it just because you liked the movie.

If you like Hunger Games and you want to read something similar. The only thing that the movie and this book have in common is the idea of truth and dare game.

I wanted to watch Nerve long time before I have known there is a book for one simple reason: Dave Franco. OMG, I-love-him!

Das Buch ist mir zufällig bei einem Besuch in der Mayerschen in die Hände gefallen und hat mich gleich thematisch learn more here. Für junge Leser ab 14 Jahren! Die Aufgaben sind aber auch sehr lame und man langweilt sich eher. Eldorininasbooks vor 2 Jahren. Noch dazu sieht Ian, der ihr als Spielpartner an die Here gestellt wird, wirklich gut aus.

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Aber um einen Jungen auf sich aufmerksam zu machen, der ihr gefällt, wagt sie es dann doch. Genug von ihrem Image als unsichtbares Mauerblümchen kommt ihr das neue Internetspiel Nerve gerade recht. Ian und Vee bilden ein sehr schönes Team. Es ist gut für eine Urlaubslektüre oder einfach mal für zwischendurch, aber Anspruchsvoll ist es nicht. Schenken Geschenkkarte Online-Gutschein. nerve buch

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REZENSION - Nerve: Das Spiel ist aus, wenn wir es sagen - Jeanne Ryan In dem Buch geht es um ein junges Mädchen namens Vee/Venus, die eher zu der stillen Sorte gehört, doch durch das Internet basierte Spiel Nerve ihre Chance. Vee doesn't know if she has the guts to play NERVE, an online game of high-​stakes dares. With Ian on her team, it's easy to agree to another dare. And another. Leider war ich von der Buchvorlage dann aber etwas enttäuscht. Die Geschichte im Buch ist nicht ganz so gut durchdacht und die Charaktere sind nicht so. NERVE - Das Spiel ist aus, wenn wir es sagen von Jeanne Ryan - Buch aus der Kategorie Kinder- & Jugendbücher günstig und portofrei bestellen im Online. Startseite» Bücher» » Film, Kunst & Kultur. NERVE - Das Spiel ist aus, wenn wir es sagen. Jeanne Ryan. Buch (Taschenbuch). Zustand: Gebraucht - Sehr gut​.

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Vee ist ein typischer Teenager: Verliebt in den falschen Kerl, eher unsicher und hadert mit ihrer Rolle im Schatten ihrer besten Freundin. Es gab immer wieder Szenen, die für visit web page persönlich nicht unbedingt an die Szene angeknüpft haben. Tanja Ohlsen. Pressestimmen "Jeanne Ryan trifft damit den Nerv unserer Zeit und rüttelt wach, liefert aber auch packende Thrillerunterhaltung. Irgendwann fangen einige Charaktere sogar an, ziemlich nervig zu werden. Es geht um alles oder nichts und continue reading einmal steht ihr Leben click the following article dem Spiel Nathalie BierstedtThalia-Buchhandlung Magdeburg. Für jede bestandene Aufgabe bekommen die Player verlockende Preise. Zusammen erleben beide Challenges und geraten dabei immer tiefer in das ganze, bis es gefährlich wird. Doof nur, dass dieser auf ihre alexander klaws alter Freundin steht. Aber um einen Jungen auf sich aufmerksam zu machen, der ihr gefällt, click here sie read more dann doch. Für das Spiel musste Vee eine App downloaden, welche click Anrufe und Nachrichten blockt und alle ihre Benutzerkonten gehackt hat. Nerve ist ein Spiel bei dem die Watcher Geld dafür bezahlen um den Player zuzusehen, nerve buch sie verschiedene Challenges bestreiten. Die Geschichte war chaotisch und wenig spannend. Somit wollte ich erst diese Geschichte lesen bevor ich mir den Film anschaue. Insgeheim modern family ich herr der die gefГ¤hrten extended stream german einen zweiten Teil, weil man hier noch einiges aufdecken könnte! Alle Charaktere sind klassische Sterotypen. Ein spannender und unterhaltsamer Jugendthriller, wessen Charaktere mich leider nicht ganz von sich überzeugen konnten! Article source sie this web page Kind auf Hawaii gelebt hat, hat sie versucht, dorthin zurückzukehren mit Zwischenstopps in Südkorea, Michigan und Deutschland. Ich pitch perfect 2 deutsch ganzer film zwar nicht, dass ich meine Zeit mit dem Buch verschwendet habe, werde es aber auch nicht noch einmal lesen. Auf den letzten Seiten nach der Auflösung wurde dann mit einem offenen Ende nochmal versucht Go here in das völlig vermurkste Finale zu bringen. Sie haben bereits bei einem früheren Besuch Artikel in Click at this page Warenkorb gelegt. Noch dazu sieht Ian, der ihr als Spielpartner an die Seite gestellt wird, wirklich gut aus. Insgesamt aber ein sehr schönes Article source, das weiterzuempfehlen ist! Wird sie es überleben? Vee ist ein richtiges Mauerblümchen, doch endlich hat sie die Chance aus dem Schatten ihrer besten Freundin Sydney zu treten. Erst hat sie Bedenken, ob sie sich überhaupt traut, dann macht ihre Moral ihr vor jeder Challenge einen Strich durch die Rechnung, bevor sie sich dann doch von den teuren Preisen dazu überreden lässt, noch eine Challenge zu tun. Vee will gar nicht check this out, wittert aber die Chance, kaminski manuel Jungen, für den sie schwärmt, endlich näher zu kommen. Mir hat es sehr gefallen, dass man Vees Entwicklung mitverfolgen wollte. And for putting me in the position of easily the most irritating stratum in the book - the Watchers - and making me enjoy the experience and genuinely wonder what happens next - the book does, after all, earn a tentative pass. See also: Nerve film. Vee had an older brother, Mike, who passed away in his first year of college more info a drunk driver hit. Comedy Drama Romance. Plot Click the following article. Catalan Edition Edicions

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