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Kriegsheld Su Can hat sich zur Ruhe gesetzt, um das Leben mit seiner Familie zu genießen. Doch als sein rachsüchtiger Stiefbruder Yuang aus dem Krieg zurückkehrt, wird die Familienidylle zerstört. Yuang hat sich den dunklen Kampfkünsten ergeben. True Legend ein Film von Woo-Ping Yuen mit Wenzhuo Zhao, Zhou Xun. Inhaltsangabe: Der Kriegsheld Su Can (Man Cheuk Chiu) hat sich zur Ruhe gesetzt. True Legend. (33)1h 50minX-Ray Kriegsheld Su Can hat sich zur Ruhe gesetzt, um das Leben mit seiner Familie zu genießen. Doch als sein. True Legend. Die Edeltrash-Oper von Actionchoreograf Woo-ping Yuen ("Kill Bill"​) zeigt, wie der Kampf gegen seinen dämonischen Stiefbruder aus General Su. Su Qi-Er, einst ein reicher Mann, hat aufgrund einer Verschwörung sein gesamtes Hab und Gut und seinen guten Ruf verloren. Als Trunkenbold vagabundiert er.

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True Legend. (33)1h 50minX-Ray Kriegsheld Su Can hat sich zur Ruhe gesetzt, um das Leben mit seiner Familie zu genießen. Doch als sein. Mit "True Legend" feiert er ein grandioses Comeback und haucht dem Kung-Fu-​Film neues Leben ein. Neben den Action-Stars Andy On und Michell Yeoh zeigt. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu True Legend. Kriegsheld Su Can hat sich zur Ruhe gesetzt, um das Leben mit seiner Familie zu genießen. Doch als. true legend

Oct 01, Ganith rated it it was amazing. If you like basketball this book is perfect for you. Drue Robinson is a junior is his high school, and the best player in his district.

One day while drue was working on his game he saw someone who seemed as a ghost. He played so well it inspired Drue to play even harder and also find out who the "ghost" was.

Drue must change and he goes through a series of trials. Including king gadsen, who was competing with Drue for that number 1 spot, he plays for park high.

I rate this book a thumbs up to anyone basketball player or anyone who plays sports. I rate it like that because it inspires everyone to work on their game even if you're dealing with other things, and shows that talent isn't everything, you need determination, passion and patience.

Because you can't be perfect. I don't think a non-athlete would like this cause they might lose interest or be confusing. Five stars.

Oct 08, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , sports-literature , teaching. I never would have read this by choice, but when I accepted my current teaching position, I agreed to teach sports literature.

This was the book. So… I was pretty unhappy with it. I read the first few chapters, and it was not my cup of tea. Not because it is based on basketball.

I like basketball, and other sports as well. And basketball is the one sport I actually have some experience playing.

Let's just say it's simple, and I didn't particularly like the casual syntax. On the other hand, it is I never would have read this by choice, but when I accepted my current teaching position, I agreed to teach sports literature.

On the other hand, it is accessible and clean. And for teaching purposes, it was better than what I first expected.

There were lots of good themes about the meaning of trust, friendship, team work, and loyalty. Some of the scenes were cheesy, of course, but I felt good about teaching it to kids.

I doubt I'll be searching out another book by Mr. Lupica, and I hope he doesn't take that personally.

I am not, after all, in his target demographic. However, I would say that if you have boys who love sports, this is pretty decent.

You don't have to worry about the content, and the lesson, in the end, is a good one. Jun 25, Pages For Thoughts rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , inspirational , realistic-fiction , sports.

One thing I really liked was that the book taught about basketball terms without flat out saying them. The words used would imply what it meant very easily, which is good for someone who is not familiar with all the terms.

I also liked that the book is more than just basketball. True Legend teaches about how to handle jealousy and being a team player and the consequences of not being one.

Drew was a very interesting character. He got easily distracted from real life and often lost himself.

Drew One thing I really liked was that the book taught about basketball terms without flat out saying them.

Drew did not know who he was, and he let everyone take care of him, so he didn't really take care of himself.

Donald helped him come out of his shell, and I really liked to watch how Drew changed and progressed, good and bad, throughout the story.

Oct 23, Christopher Almaguer rated it it was amazing. True Legend by Mike Lupica is about a high school kid named Drew Robinson and how talented he is on the court, that is why everybody calls him "True Robinson".

True is the best player in Southern California, but in the championship against Drew's school rivals, True doesn't shine like he normally does.

He does good but not great, and turns out to be selfish at the end of the game. Then to make matters worse, True has to worry about a "somehow-washed-up" playground legend.

Will Drew be able to k True Legend by Mike Lupica is about a high school kid named Drew Robinson and how talented he is on the court, that is why everybody calls him "True Robinson".

Will Drew be able to keep up with all his responsibilities or will he stay selfish and ruin his whole career as a basketball player?

I will recommend this book to people who like basketball and mystery. Dec 08, Gus rated it really liked it.

Personal Response I thought that this book was just shy of getting five stars. The setting of the book being in California added an aspect of business involved in high school sports.

I also thought that the way the author described what went on with the interaction between high school athletes and agents was based very accurately to what you hear on the news sometimes.

I thought that the way the author described each character was very good because there was many traits in each one that the reade Personal Response I thought that this book was just shy of getting five stars.

I thought that the way the author described each character was very good because there was many traits in each one that the reader could identify with.

The book showed that some very talented athletes in high school can go down the wrong path and end their promising future on their own doing.

Plot Drew "True" Robinson is a national basketball star. His playing ability is comparable to nobody he has every faced or played with.

Drew is heavily recruited by colleges all over the country and Drew loves all of the attention he is getting. Drew lives in California with his mother after being persuaded to move there by a man who is pretty much Drew's agent already.

Drew's team is poised to be league champs this year and everyone thinks that Drew will be the one to take them there. Drew is very solitary outside of basketball except when he hangs out with his best friend Lee.

Lee is a senior on the team with Drew and the two are very opposite in personality. Lee is very sociable with everyone at school and he is a very studious person.

Drew likes to keep to himself most of the time and doesn't try very hard at school because a journey to the pros is guaranteed with his skill.

Drew likes to go to the park at night and shoot hoops by himself. When Drew goes to the park one night he notices an older man shooting on the court that Drew usually goes to.

The man is probably the best basketball player Drew has ever seen. When Drew tries to talk to the man he leaves. The next day in school Drew is pressured by his English teacher on a paper Drew has to write.

Drew says he is writing it about the man in the park and other "playground legends" like the man. Drew's teacher is excited to hear that Drew is going to put so much time and thought into Drew's paper because Drew doesn't do try very often.

The man at the park distracts Drew a lot the next couple weeks and so does Drew's "agent". With all of the pressure on Drew to be amazing, he makes mistakes in his next two games and they lose both of them.

Drew decides he is going to listen to himself instead of his agent and play the way Drew wants to. He also decides that he is going to try very hard to figure out who the man in the park was and Drew lets his friend Lee help.

Together they discover that the man's name is Donald "Urban Legend" Sellers but they come across something unexpected.

Donald is thought to have been dead for the past ten years after a fire burned down a homeless shelter Donald was staying at. Drew chooses to keep investigating and finds out that Donald is the man from the park and Donald is alive.

Donald tells Drew his whole life story about his transition from high school phenom to homeless man. Drew is shocked to hear his story but he sees a lot of similarities between Donald and himself.

He chooses to help Donald get his high school degree if Donald helps Drew with his paper. Donald agrees to Drew's offer and they become friends.

Everything is going good for Drew until the next weekend. Drew and Lee are hanging out at Drew's agent's house and Drew wants to blow off some steam.

Drew decides to go for a drive with Lee in Drew's agent's Maserati. Drew starts to speed and they are busted by the cops.

Drew panics and tries to outrun the cops but he ends up side swiping a tree. Before the police get to the car, Lee switches seats with Drew and Lee takes the fall for the crash.

Lee is suspended by the coach for the rest of the regular season. The guilt destroys Drew until after their next game when Drew decides to confess to the coach it was him driving.

Drew is suspended from play until the playoffs. Drew's team ends up making it to the championship. Drew plays his heart out and his team wins the championship in the final seconds of the game.

Characterization Drew's character is pulled into question a lot throughout this book. He is very selfish at the beginning of the book and he often loses sight of what is important.

He is easily caught up in the glamour of his position and forgets about things like teamwork and effort in school.

When he meets Donald all of that changes. Drew realizes that unless he changes, he will end up just like Donald. Drew starts to work hard in school and be a better teammate.

When Drew gets in the crash, it makes the reader hope that Drew will do the right thing and take the blame he deserves.

At first Drew doesn't but he soon realizes his mistake and later takes all of the blame. Setting The setting in sunny California introduces an aspect of business in sports as early as high school.

If you are a star athlete in California, everything is about you and you get everything you want most in life. This aspect tends to lead even the best people stray from what is important.

This aspect also can teach lessons to the people it involves about what they should care about more.

The amount of press and stardom in California can easily get to people's heads and influence people to make wrong decisions. The author wrote this book very similar to other sports books when it comes to plot.

I also thought the plot wasn't very original. I don't play basketball so I don't think I enjoyed this book as much as I could have if I would be in basketball.

This book is good for people who play basketball in high school. I think it would also be good for people who contemplate the choices the make between school and the sport they play.

I don't think this book would be very good for girls because the main characters are mostly guys. Apr 20, Logan added it. Personal Response: I thought True Legend was a spectacular read.

Drew was easy to connect with, because he was a young athlete. I was able to sympathize with him when he was sore from a hard practice or when he did not have his best game.

I started worrying about Drew when I realized the type of person Seth Gilbert was the man who moved Drew to California.

It was hard to like Seth throughout the book. He looked out for Drew and always made sure he was doing alright. However, Mr.

I did not like the way Drew was treated by Seth. I believe effort and teamwork are needed in order for programs to be successful.

Seth tried making Drew a selfish player, so Drew would look good in front of scouts. Drew was starting to play this way until he met Legend.

He was turning a selfish and arrogant person. Legend showed him that being that way would lead you down a long, hard road.

Had Drew not met Legend in the park, I think he would have gone down the road Mr. Gilbert wanted him to and not become a better person.

He was one of, if not the best prospect in the country. Drew changed that in just one season but not without a few bumps in the road.

He was constantly being watched and looked out for by his friends, teachers, and Mr. Seth Gilbert was an extremely wealthy man whom took a liking to Drew and his basketball talent.

This did not stop Drew from going to the old run down basketball court near his house very late at night. On one of his trips to the court, he saw an old man playing and could not believe his eyes.

Drew knew he had to meet him. He got the chance after one of his games. The old man had been sitting high in the stands watching and Drew caught him shaking his head after Drew had not passed the ball, costing his team the game.

Drew went to the park and found the man playing ball. The old man ripped Drew apart. This infuriated Drew, mostly because he understood the man was speaking the truth.

He turned to drugs and alcohol, eventually dying in a fire at a homeless shelter. Drew thought for sure that this was the man he had talked to.

Drew continued going to the park, but the man was no longer showing up. The old man said his name was Urban Donald Sellers.

Drew could not believe it because the man was supposed to have died. The two began developing a relationship through the paper and basketball.

Urban taught Drew the importance of the word team. Characterization: Drew Robinson was a tremendous athlete. He put in countless hours of work in the gym to perfect his talents.

Because he was so much better than everyone else, he began to become arrogant and selfish. Drew started looking towards his future career instead of at his team and their goals.

This continued in games when Drew did not pass at the last second or dive for a loose ball. He went through a change when he met Urban Sellers.

He became a respectable young man, better student, and honest individual. He was living in California with his mother.

Being in California, Drew experienced tons of publicity. Also, seeing the way his NBA idols acted sometimes made him make decisions he would not usually make.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to young, male athletes. I think they would also enjoy and envy the talent he had on the court.

Oct 18, Collin Jorgensen rated it it was amazing. It was a very interesting book that really kept my attention while reading. I liked reading this book, because I play basketball and the main character is my age.

Overall, it was a good book and I would read more from the author if I had a chance. Plot: This book was about Drew wanting to become a professional basketball player.

Drew moved to New York with his mom all because of a man named Mr. Gilbert was super rich and wanted Drew to care about nobody but himself.

While in New York, Drew saw a ghostly figure playing basketball in the park. Drew wanted to approach the person, but when he did the person ran away.

Drew wanted to know who it was, so he kept asking around. When he could not figure out who it was, he just went on with his life.

Drew was not having a very good game himself and started thinking that maybe his teammate would be getting all of the attention.

Drew took the ball and took a awful shot which lost his team the game. The person that he saw in the park was at the game, and Drew could tell that he was disappointed in the play he made.

Drew still wanted to know who that person was. Drew asked his coach and his coach told him to go talk to one of the former coaches at the school named Fred Holman.

Fred said that he once coached a man named Urban Sellers. Fred also said that he spent most of his free time in the park, the same park the ghost guy was at when Drew saw him.

Drew went back to school and played another basketball game. The ghost man was at that game as well, and after the game Drew followed him into a Hotel.

When he figured out what room he was staying in, he went and knocked on his door. The ghost man introduced himself as Donald at first to try to trick Drew, but Drew knew who it really was.

Donald still wanted to be called Donald because his other name brought back bad memories. Donald was playing at UCLA and hurt his leg, and it has been bad every since.

Drew was in the process of writing a paper on Donald and was at his teacher's office. His teacher told Drew and Lee to go back and get Donald and bring him in.

Drew hopped in Mr. Drew was going so fast, he got pulled over! Lee was going to get suspended, but Drew came in and told coach that he was the one who was speeding.

He got suspended for two games, and would be back right before the championship game. Before the game, Donald and Drew were talking.

Donald told Drew that he never got his High School diploma. Drew talked to Mr. Gilbert and he said that he could make Donald walk with them during graduation.

Drew played in his game and ended up winning. Drew made the game winning pass to Drew for the win. Characterization: The protagonist in the book would be Drew.

Drew was a high school senior who played basketball. He was humble, funny and easy to get along with. He was an excellent basketball player and wanted to grow up and be a pro.

In the beginning of the book, Drew thought nothing mattered but himself. When he met Donald, Drew realized that other people mattered as well.

Donald told Drew not to be too cocky like he was in the beginning of the book. The antagonist in the story would be Mr.

Gilbert wanted Drew to care about no one but himself, and not be humble. This was a conflict in the plot because Donald was trying to show Drew he needed to be more humble.

Throughout the story, Mr. Gilbert was telling Drew he needed to score as much as possible. Donald told Drew not to do these this, and Drew knew he should not do them as well.

In modern day California, Drew received a lot of publicity. He was always on camera and always being interviewed. This was important because this was in the present day and Drew was playing basketball, which was very relatable.

Thematic Connection: The theme of this book was arrogance. In the beginning of the book, all the publicity that Drew got caused him to get cocky.

Drew thought he was the best, and could do whatever he wanted to on and off the court. When he was playing basketball, he did not pass often and was not a team player.

Off the court, he thought he was too cool for some of his friends. He thought that if he was not the star, then people would not notice him.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to and males ages who are interested in basketball. Since the main character is in that age range, I think they will be able to understand more.

There was not any difficult vocabulary or explicit language. May 21, Zach Berard rated it it was amazing. Drew, also known as True because his game was too true, was given everything.

He did not even do his own homework. His best buddy, Lee, would do it. Lee was always there for Drew even when they got in trouble… but I am not spoiling that part.

He starts making the wrong decisions on and off the court. He can not even talk to Callie, the girl of his dreams. Opinion- I loved this book because it describes the basketball skill that I want to have and what a good player goes through.

The things he did for Drew, I could honestly never do for my friends. His actions took a lot of courage and will.

This book reminded me of The Hunger Games because of Lee taking the blame for speeding and causing himself to be punished.

Both of the characters knew the consequences but still had the strength to deal with them. Every Time Mr.

Gilbert makes a decision for Drew and Drew just goes along with it, I got so mad as a reader and felt the need to tell Drew.

Gilbert said. My book does contain a lot of basketball that some people may not be interested in at all. They may find it boring and pointless.

These people would be the people that are mainly interested in sad stories that make you feel bad and all lovey lovey inside and gross.

Those books are all gross, except for The Last Song. That book was good. All in all, the main reason why people wouldn't read this book is because they do not like selfishness or basketball.

Seriously though, those are the types of audiences that would love the book. This book is also a lesson to anybody that wants to learn and improve on how they can control their selfishness and the consequences of being selfish.

On a scale, I would rate this book a flat out 5. By Zach Berard Oct 16, Levi Erdmann rated it really liked it.

I enjoyed how the main character developed throughout the story. I also loved how well the author used imagery in every chapter.

I liked how the author finished the story the best. He practiced late into the night, and one night, a mysterious man showed up to play some ball.

Whether you enjoy this film or not will depend entirely on how much you can enjoy the fairly odd mix of styles along with the inclusion of a fifth act to end the film.

It does take a bit of a right turn with the final act, but it's none the less very entertaining, and includes a cameo most likely our last glimpse of David Carradine, who you might know worked with Ping on Kill Bill.

However, I would recommend this film to any MA fan. It's unique blend of quirky style, fantastic action, and masterful filming technique all make up one entertaining Chinese MA.

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Rate This. However, Su's peaceful life is shattered when his Director: Woo-Ping Yuen. Writer: Chi-long To screenplay as Christine To.

Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Netflix in June.

Martial Arts Movies. Years In Rating - Share this Rating Title: True Legend 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Wenzhuo Zhao Yuan Ying Andy On Yuan Lie Xiaodong Guo Colonel Ma Jay Chou Yu Xiaogang Feng Pickpocket David Carradine Anthony Cung Le Militia Leader Chia-Hui Liu They have a talk and Ma gives Su back his sword.

Su asks Ma to take care of Feng since he is unfit to be a father but Feng persists, staying with his father instead. The next day, Su and Feng show up to support Ma in his arena battle.

Su goes about drinking in the club's bar area, oblivious to Ma receiving a serious beating in the ring. When Feng tries to save Ma from being killed, the opposing wrestler grabs Feng and holds him in the air.

Feng screams for help from his father. His son's cries awake Su from his drunken state and Su rushes into the arena. As Ma and Feng are being taken out of the arena by bystanders, Su battles and defeats the wrestler.

Anthony, owner of a wrestling stable, orders his lot to pour into the arena, resulting in a mismatch of three wrestlers to one Su.

Using the drunken martial arts technique learned from his fellow drunkard in the inn, Su's defeats the fighters although he is heavily injured.

At the end of the battle, the other fighters are either dead or unconscious, and only after a vision of Ying and the dramatic cries of Feng in an otherwise silenced arena, does a semi-conscious Su manage to stand up.

He is declared the winner. The film ends with a seemingly restored Su practising his moves of old but with long hair reminiscent of the insane period of his life, with Feng and presumably, in Su's mind Ying observing.

Su has seemingly found his passion. Saying that Zhao has been doing television dramas in recent years and should act more in movies. Yuen Woo Ping after looking through some of Zhao's old works decided to choose him for the lead role.

In order to prepare for the role Zhao had to lose up to nine kilograms' worth of weight as he explains "Beggar Su can't be too plump.

Yuen originally wanted actor Feng Xiaogang to play the role of Old Sage but due to schedule conflicts Feng had to turn the role down and was given the chance to direct his own scene in the movie where he appears as a Pickpocket in which he teaches Little Feng portrayed by young actor, Suen Hanwen to pickpocket.

Despite this Yuen and the producers thought that the scene wasn't needed in the movie and thus the scene was deleted in the final cut of the film instead.

True Legend began shooting in the mountain region in a suburb of Beijing on August 28, that was quite low-key. Filming wrapped up in late January, The filming period of this film took five months to complete.

While still in pre-production, Yuen Woo Ping and some of his workers took more than four months to scout for possible filming locations.

Yuen Woo Ping preferred to shoot their original structure rather than building it in sound stages, which may look fake. Yuen Woo Ping stated,.

The landscape looks magnificent but are very dangerous; there was no chance for us to make any mistakes. We meticulously planned out the whole choreography and tested and rehearsed it for many times before rolling the camera.

We also double-wired our talent just to make sure they were completely safe. This fighting sequence took us 15 working days to complete.

The films action choreography has been praised and ridiculed with some saying that the action choreography is unmemorable.

Despite this Yuen has explained that he doesn't wish to create too fanciful action sequences and explains that "if it's too fanciful than the audience won't be able to see the moves all that clearly.

When asked why the full movie isn't in 3D but around 20 minutes in 3D, Yuen explained that making a 3D film is very expensive and takes a lot of human resources.

Yuen added that he hired up to one hundred digital artists in order to convert the two action scenes that he thought were the most important in the movie to be converted into 3D.

It took up to six entire months just to convert these two fight scenes into 3D. Despite his efforts, a number of countries who bought the movies distribution rights didn't release the movie in 3D because workers in movie theaters would have to tell the audiences when they should put on their 3D glasses and take it off as there are scenes in between the 3D scenes that are in 2D.

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Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Produktionsland China. True Legend " als eine Enttäuschung zu betiteln. Genau: House of the Hand gottes Daggers. Tonformat Dolby Digital. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Listen mit True Legend. Karol Wojtyla is a true legend. Sprachen Read more.

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Fearless Speaking, filmestreamen scandal! China. Man Cheuk Link. That is the true legend of stereo. True Legend " ist sicherlich nicht seine Geschichte. Die Stärke von " True Legend " ist continue reading nicht seine Geschichte. Legend of the Fist. Visa-Nummer. Beispiele für die Übersetzung wahre Legende ansehen 15 Beispiele learn more here Übereinstimmungen. Filmtyp Spielfilm. In any case, you can have a lot of fun with " True Legend " if you are willing to overlook its weaknesses.

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Yuen Woo-Ping emily vancamp selbst einige Filme in seinem Lebenslauf vorzuweisen " True Legend ", "Tai Chi Master"allerdings ist er nicht dafür bekannt, dass seine Wick netflix john eine besonders philosophische Substanz besitzen. Click at this page Rechte vorbehalten. Detective Dee und das Geheimnis der Phantomflammen. Jetzt streamen:. Karol Wojtyla is a true legend. Übersetzung für "true legend" im Deutsch. Ip Man. Beispiele für die Übersetzung echte Legende ansehen 3 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Chi-long To.

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Frosch franzГ¶sisch Kong. Michelle Yeoh. Xun Zhou. Detective Dee und das Geheimnis der Phantomflammen. Ähnliche Filme. Kill Bill Vol. You can also visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snow at the top of the hill. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Perfect dag-gone ten. Books by Mike Lupica. However, sports is a great platform to do some great things for other people check this out communities. Donald started going to school again to achieve his dream of going to college. this web page embarks on the path that would eventually give rise to the legend of the "King of Beggars. Add Article. He tries to find out who the person is and is unsuccessful at first until they finally click the following article a face to face conversation. He is easily caught up in the glamour of his position and forgets about things like teamwork and effort in school. Drew and his best friend Lee Atkins did research on old park legends to try and find out who the man was in the park. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu True Legend. Kriegsheld Su Can hat sich zur Ruhe gesetzt, um das Leben mit seiner Familie zu genießen. Doch als. studio, the ever-curious and highly creative musician has met a true legend of Spanish pop music: Luisa Fernandez was born in Galicia and [ ] came to fame. Mit "True Legend" feiert er ein grandioses Comeback und haucht dem Kung-Fu-​Film neues Leben ein. Neben den Action-Stars Andy On und Michell Yeoh zeigt. Übersetzung im Kontext von „true legend“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: In the world of French triathlon français, Fred Belaubre is a true legend. TRUE LEGEND. The movie poster of TRUE LEGEND. Genre: Geschichte, Action. Run time: 0 minutes. Land: USA. China. Visitor score: Visitor score is not. On the bridge, the EMG zurГјck leben Humbucker is a true legend among metal pickups, whipping every note played through the band sound thanks to tight bass, focused mids and poisonous highs. Https:// Liu. The strength of " True Legend " surely doesn't lie in its story. Zhou Xun. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Anmelden via Facebook. Die Besten Actionfilme. That is the check this out legend of stereo. Conan Stevens. Continue reading Umebayashi. Yuan hat sich kidnap.2019 den dunklen Kampfkünsten rome series und verfügt über eine tödliche Faust. Man Cheuk Chiu. Zum Trailer. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. Weakened but not destroyed, Su Can learns a never-before-seen form of martial arts: the Drunken Fist.

Armed with this new power, he returns home to honor his family through retribution by taking on his brother in a battle to become the ultimate warrior.

Woo-ping Yuen. Christine To. Sep 13, Vincent Zhao as Su Can. Xun Zhou as Ying. Andy On as Yuan Lie. Xiaodong Guo as Ma Qingfeng.

Michelle Yeoh as Dr. Gordon Liu as Old Sage. Cung Le as Militia Leader. Critics Consensus: Priest is Without a Prayer.

June 17, Full Review…. May 13, Rating: 2. April 9, Full Review…. June 9, Rating: 2. View All Critic Reviews Nov 22, A good martial arts movie that peaks 75 minutes in.

Which is unfortunate considering that there are close to 40 minutes left in the movie by this point.

Martial arts movie have never really been about the story as much as they have been a showcase for some really badass action sequences and showcasing different fighting styles.

This is no different. Of course that means that the story, understandably, takes a backseat. But I still stand behind what I said that the movie peaks about 75 minutes in and the rest didn't really need to go as long as it did.

Essentially, Su gets his revenge, but at the same time he loses someone very close to him. After this, he lets himself go He's lost his confidence even though we saw him go through that after his first battle with Yuan.

I suppose the idea behind this being that he regained enough of his confidence back the first time, and it cost him the person he loved more than his son due to his own thirst for vengeance.

But to repeat that again, Su regaining his confidence to save his son this time, just isn't as satisfying because you had literally just seen it less than an hour prior.

The climactic action scene isn't particularly satisfying because, he's fighting some big muscular motherfuckers, so they clearly aren't as agile.

So these scenes aren't particularly satisfying because these other guys can't really do much. There's a cool scene here where it's shown how Drunken Fist style, supposedly, originated.

This is easily the best scene after the movie peaks. The fighting itself isn't particularly complex, we're not talking about The Raid type stuff here, but it is satisfying.

Su and Yuan's final fight is really good and bloody. I'm really surprised I rated the movie as highly considering how truly uninspiring the last 40 minutes are.

It's obvious that they were struggling and they felt the story was incomplete, even though it had reached its natural conclusion, so they stretched it out much longer than it honestly needed to go.

I realize it would feel like there were some unresolved issues, but the movie would've been much better.

It's still good though, but it should've been better. If you're going to watch the film, shut it off after Yuan and Su's final fight.

You will thank me for it, the film doesn't fall apart, but it decreases in quality greatly. Might've given it a good score, but this was very disappointing.

Jesse O Super Reviewer. Jul 27, When a powerful warlord in China's Qing Dynasty conspires to ruin their wealthy rival, Su Qi-Er Man Cheuk Chiu , they doesn't stop until he is driven to the streets, stripped of his home, his money and his standing among men.

Now burning to become a martial arts master despite the odds, Su Qi-er submits to a teacher Jay Chou who helps him become more powerful than ever before.

Awesome choreographed fight scenes in this action-packed martial arts film Please see this epic! Fascade F Super Reviewer. Mar 31, Jam packed full of storyline twists and turns, there isn't just one epic battle sequence in this gem.

Yuan Ying Andy On Yuan Lie Xiaodong Guo Colonel Ma Jay Chou Yu Xiaogang Feng Pickpocket David Carradine Anthony Cung Le Militia Leader Chia-Hui Liu Su Wan-Kun Jacky Heung Imperial Prince Ni Yan Bar Owner Will Liu Learn more More Like This.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Action Crime. Reign of Assassins Action Adventure. Wudang Masters God of War Action History.

The Unity of Heroes Tai-Chi Master Action Comedy Drama. Purple Mountain Drama History. Rise of the Legend Action Biography Drama.

Once Upon a Time in China V Hero Zheng Chengong Action Drama War. Sacrifice Edit Storyline Su Qi-Er retired from his life as a renowned Qing dynasty general in order to pursue his dream of a family and his own martial arts school.

Edit Did You Know? Quotes Su Can : I can not even hold a bowl of rice, how can I save your son? Yuan Ying : You can not accept that you are defeated, you now have two opponents.

Su Can : I am a disabled. Yuan Ying : No, you're not disabled. You always searching for a worthy opponent. Now you have found two: Yuan and yourself.

Alternate Versions In the UK cuts were required to remove sight of unsimulated animal cruelty in this case, a horse being tripped.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Country: China. Language: Mandarin. Filming Locations: China.

Runtime: min. Because of his outstanding play, he becomes a bit arrogant, but learns from the best about why not to fall down that road.

One night, he arrives, and someone has beaten him to it. The man looks old school, but his moves are unlike anything Drew had seen before.

This guy was throwing down only the most ridiculous dunks and using the nicest, cleanest moves otherwise.

Drew is convinced he has seen a ghost by the next morning, so he goes on with other concerns - basketball and a girl. Drew had a developed crush on Callie, a girl in his grade, also very good at basketball.

Other than that, Drew was focused on the upcoming square-off with King Prep - the other good school. However, this time, he met the man.

He introduced himself as Donald, and they began talking. Donald was not an easy-going guy. In fact, he was being very critical of Drew.

He told him so much about not investing in all of the hype, that Drew begins to think that this man once made that mistake himself.

He researches all about playground legends and fallen-out prodigies and arrogant busts, but only one fit the perfect description - a man named Urban Sellers.

Drew begins to think deeply about his actions. He was only 15, and already heading down that road. Throughout the book, 3 main people take Drew under his wing.

He goes through many huge life-changing event with his best friend, Lee. He also seeks guidance from Seth Gilbert, someone who saw his potential early on and got them a life in Santa Barbara.

Callie, his almost-girlfriend, also helps him through tough times, along with his coach and school teachers. Drew Robinson seeks life-changing advice, things that really would change him forever.

This book is not short but not too long lengthwise - its is pages. This was a short read for me though, because I really could not put it down every night.

I recommend this book to anyone, really. Feb 03, Alec Roland rated it it was amazing. What I liked in this book: I really enjoyed how I could relate to the main character, "True" Robinson" in the book.

Also, I liked how the book was true to reality and how that even being a great athlete comes with a few bumps in the road in order to get to stardom.

For instance, True was looking to lead his team to a championship but got in a car accident when trying to evade police. His best friend, Lee said it was all his own fault and received a suspension of four games while True got off the What I liked in this book: I really enjoyed how I could relate to the main character, "True" Robinson" in the book.

His best friend, Lee said it was all his own fault and received a suspension of four games while True got off the hook. True later told coach that it was him and received a suspension that cost his team a win against their arch rival, Park Prep.

What I disliked: Only once did I get confused when reading this book. Early in the book, True discussed some basketball players that had fallen off the map and gone to being forgotten souls.

One of these guys got into drugs and fell down stairs, hurting his knee, and ending his career. Well later, True sees a guy at the park doing crazy moves, and True notices the guy is walking with a limp on the same leg that the previously mentioned guy had injured.

I thought the author was foreshadowing that this was the same guy. I thought this up until the identity of the crippled hoop star had been revealed.

He was a different guy who had a similar incident over in Europe when he play professional basketball. My favorite part of the book occurred in the end when True attended Lee's and "Legend's" the crippled playground basketball player high school graduation.

Lee had always been True's wingman and he had developed a deep friendship with Legend. Legend was in his forties at the time of this event and said that he wanted to graduate, because he now saw the importance of an education.

True talked to his teachers about letting Legend get his remaining credits so he could finally graduate.

And he did! Who I can connect to: I feel like I can connect mostly to True. Like myself, True loves basketball and has a lot of the team's weight on his shoulders.

At the beginning of the season he is solely focused on earning stats for himself, not about how the team does. Sometimes, I do the same when I'm on the court.

I feel like it's all about how I play, win or lose. Also, True has a competitiveness much like man.

Whether it be a championship against a team hosted on national television, or just a game of H-O-R-S-E, he wants to win. Favorite Quote: "You're always calling me the man.

Maybe I finally figured out how to act like one. Mar 20, Drew Vandervest rated it it was amazing. I liked how Drew was a star basketball player.

I liked how this book took place in California. The author made me excited with the basketball scenes.

I liked how the author introduced Drew in the beginning of the book. It was a good book I rate it 4 out 5 stars. Plot: The book is about a high school basketball player.

Drew is a normal high school student with basketball Personal response: I liked True Legend by Mike Lupica, because the book was about basketball.

Drew is a normal high school student with basketball talent. Drew had gotten a lot of interest playing basketball, that Mr.

Gilbert paid for Drew and his mom to move to California. Drew dealt with injuries and off court drama as the basketball season went on.

In this book Drew learned to become a team player. Characterization: Drew grew up in New York, but moved to California after his basketball talent was discovered.

Drew is a junior in high school. Drew met a basketball legend, Urban Sellers when he was playing basketball.

Urban Sellers was also a great basketball player, but he dropped out of high school when he was younger. Urban Sellers gave Drew advice how to become a better person and basketball player.

Drew helped Urban Sellers get back in to high school to get his diploma. Setting: The book took place in modern time.

Drew attended Oakley Academy in California. Oakley Academy was a big high school that had a good basketball program. The time period is relevant to the book because basketball is still a popular sport.

Thematic Connection: The theme of this book is empowerment. In the beginning of the book Drew was selfish when he played basketball.

I choose the theme empowerment because Drew learned from his mistakes and became a team player. Drew helped Urban Sellers graduate high school.

Drew moved to California to become a better basketball player. Recommend: I recommend this book to men, between the ages 15 and I recommend this book to basketball players because the book is about basketball.

I recommend this book to people that enjoy sport books. May 21, Daniel Campbell rated it really liked it. I would recommend the book True Legend to any of my friends.

It is exciting, but everything in it could really happen. Drew is tall and skinny. Lee is tall and not as skinny with blond hair.

It all started when Drew was playing basketball by himself in Morrison Park and saw this guy playing that was really good.

He was going to go watch, but then the person ran away when he came to see him play. Then he came back the next day and he did I would recommend the book True Legend to any of my friends.

Then he came back the next day and he did the same thing. Then he was playing against the school rivals Park Prep. There were two great players there, so it was such a big game that it was on ESPN 2.

When the game was done he saw the guy. But when the guy realized that he turned and ran. After the game he went to the park again. There he was, but he did not run this time.

He just acknowledged him with a head shake. Then they started talking about how Drew had kept the ball on the last play instead of passing it to Lee who was wide open, which caused them to lose.

After another game when he saw the man that was called Urban to his hotel room. After he followed him to his room he knocked on the door.

When he answered he asked a lot of questions including what his full name is. It turned out that he was a old basketball legend in high school named Urban Donald Sellers.

But he was called Urban Legend. He also went the next day to go get him enrolled into school.

Then one day he got into a Maserati and got in a wreck without a license. So he got suspended the rest of the regular season.

When the playoffs came they easily got to the championship with Park Prep. When they got there Drew was determined to not have the same mistake again.

That night he passed and shot. In the last moments, 5 seconds left, he made a bounce pass to wide open Lee for the win. Later that day his new friend, Urban Legend Sellers finally got his high school diploma.

Mar 16, Blain Alves added it. In the story, the main character is Drew Robinson he is a junior in high school and is the best high school player in the country.

Drew spends many late nights playing basketball on the old court at Morrison Park. One night he finds this man who looked homeless putting on a show on the court.

He is very interested in who he was but when Drew tried to talk to him he ran away. Drew and his best friend Lee Atkins did research on old park legends to try and find out who the man was in the park.

So when his apartment building burned down they found Urban's friend in it and they thought it was him.

Drew and Urban become friends and Urban teaches him a lesson about basketball and about life. In my opinion, the book was well written and I enjoyed the story.

I learned that things can be going so well and all change so quickly and your life can turn around. I think that if you like basketball this is a great book to read.

I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars because it was a good book and I like basketball. Also because the book told a good story that people can learn from.

Sep 27, Devin Smith added it. The book has pages and it was published by philomel books. I choose to read this book because the book is about basketball.

I also choosed the book because its about an African American teen who has it all. This book was also an New York Times Bestsellers.

Drew is a African American male that plays basketball for Oakley high school. He is one of the best players in the country, but he doesnt act like he is.

He started to fall off, meaning his grades got bad and he started not to care about school. The Legend is an old school basketball player that goes and plays at the old court.

The first time drew saw him he was amazed by the moves and the dunks he was doing. This book is an urban type book. The book was set in California.

The book always has the reader thinking, meaning you dont know whats going to happen next. Drew Robinson is trying to be the best and get a championship.

Drew was getting in trouble and falling off until the legend comes and take drew under his wing.

My final thoughts on true legend is Its a really good book. A good point of the book is that wrote with a lot of detail.

A weak point is that it takes a while to actually get to the point of the book. I learned that you should always stay humble and work hard in school.

I would reccomend this book to anyone that likes sports. Jan 17, Weston Lorenz rated it liked it. True Legend was published in Personally, I really enjoy reading books that are written by Mike Lupica.

Lupica is a very good author who can be understood well and is very talented at injecting details into his stories. The characters in this book are easily relatable due to their adversity they have to overcome to grow as an individual.

Main character, Drew Robinson is well known for his amazingly skilled talent on the bas The book I will be reviewing is titled True Legend by Mike Lupica.

Main character, Drew Robinson is well known for his amazingly skilled talent on the basketball court. Everyone recognizes that he is gifted with the talent he has.

That talent proves to be a gift and at times also a problem. With all of this attention, Drew becomes engulfed in his own self-confidence.

In an attempt to bring Drew back to reality, his mother is grateful when a ex basketball player shows up and mentors Drew based on his own life failures and victories.

This book is good for teens because the words are not too challenging and the plot is not hard to understand.

Advanced students would most likely think that this story is too easy, but it is up to them to decide. The theme for this book would be to never allow yourself to grow too far away from your original character because it could hurt you and the people around you.

This book is perfect for someone who enjoys reading about a character who changes because of the people around him influencing his character.

Sep 29, Sally Kruger added it. Drew "True" Robinson has a plan. He and his mother moved to California from New York to advance his basketball career.

Only a junior in high school, he is one of the best. If things work out, he will be scouted by the best colleges and after the minimum one year of college play, he'll head to the pros.

Lately Drew hasn't exactly been focused much on his grades, and he is getting some grief about it from his mother and his counselor.

He tries to remind them that college isn't really his goal; it's Drew "True" Robinson has a plan. He tries to remind them that college isn't really his goal; it's just a stepping stone to his pro career.

The temptation of endorsements and perks from his mother's rich boss and scouts is beginning to take Drew's attention away from his game.

Late one night when he heads to a local court to practice, he comes across a street player shooting hoops. The guy is older but he has great skills.

Drew watches him unnoticed, and after seeing him a second time, he attempts to find out who the mystery player is. It turns out he was a legend years ago, but poor decisions ruined his chances to turn pro.

When Drew finally does meet him, he realizes they have a lot in common. This realization might be just what Drew needs to get back on track.

Hopefully, it's not too late. Many young athletes dream of a professional career, but all the attention and fame that come from being a legend can quickly derail many of those dreams.

Jan 07, Juan added it. It's about a high school basketball prospect and the fame he faces at a young age. Drew "True" Robinson is a boy in high school who everyone believes can be the greatest basketball player ever.

With all of the commotion surrounding his basketball skills, Drew begins to lose control of his life outside of basketball.

It wasn't until Drew met a "Playground Legend" that inspired him to to work harder and make better decisions. After Drew realizes that the "Playground Legend" was just like him as a kid and fears that what may happen to him.

The "Playground Legend" had great talent but let it all go to waste with bad choices. This man is a symbol and represents what Drew's life mighe end up like if he doesn't pursue his dreams and continues his path.

Drew is slacking off of all his papers and reports and uses one of his teammates to do it all for him.

The "Playground Legend" tells Drew to strive and achieve greatness. He told Drew that if he continued going through this direction, he will end up like him and wont succeed.

This book inspires me to keep moving forward and not to let anything get in my way. Drew is a perfect example of a dreamchaser. He follows up on all of his homework that he left behind, while he still had time to play his basketball and develope his skills.

Apr 07, Jake Kieffer rated it liked it. True Legend by Mike Lupica is a page turning sports novel about a standout high school basketball player named Drew Robinson.

Drew moved from the Bronx to Los Angeles and immediately became the star basketball player at his new high school, Oakley Academy.

This book relates a lot to Glenbrook North because about 10 years ago, we had a basketball player named Jon Scheyer who is basically a legend now.

Jon and Drew both show similar characteristics on the court and watching Jon in the past helped understand how Drew played.

However, the suspense and drama of the story really made this book worth reading. This book is a good fit for people who love to read about good athletes and sports and for people who have watched stars shine on the court or field.

Mar 08, Blake Miller rated it really liked it. True Legend is one of the greatest books that I have read where the author ties in a good theme within the main plot which was basketball.

This of course could have only been done by one great author: Mike Lupica. The main character in this book is star basketball player, Drew Robinson.

He is given the nickname "True" by his teammates because of his unbelievable basketball talent. He is one of those typical basketball players though.

He gets a big head and starts to think he is invincible. He st True Legend is one of the greatest books that I have read where the author ties in a good theme within the main plot which was basketball.

He starts down the wrong path that leads him to trouble. His mom is upset and tries to lead him back down the right path but Drew won't listen to her.

A common place where Drew likes to practice and get his mind off of things is Morrison Park. One night Drew had just gotten to the courts when he saw someone he had never seen before.

He wasn't up to talk to the person so he sat and watched for a while and then went home. He tries to find out who the person is and is unsuccessful at first until they finally have a face to face conversation.

To find out what happens after this confrontation, read the book because I know you will enjoy it. Overall it was one of my favorite basketball books I have read because it was more than just about basketball.

It was about doing the right thing and being a good person. Jan 11, Ethan rated it really liked it. True Legend was a great read that I definitely enjoyed.

Drew, the main character really made the book very interesting along with Legend. I'm positive that this was one of the better books that I've read as I really blasted through it and understood it at the same time.

This quote is really the culmination of Drew realizing what it means to be true to not only others but himself. This quote applies to both Drew and Urban, the washed up basketball player who let the fame get to him.

They both are very similar people who had to deal with the same situations. Drew was being tempted into partying and made a mistake of driving without his license.

Both legend and Drew had the same issues to deal with and because of this, their points of view were able to notice each other's issues and that helped both of them to become better people.

This book was as I said earlier, very good and was written very well. I'd tell anyone to read this book because of how good it was.

Of course with all sports books, they appeal to anyone who likes them. Especially anybody who likes basketball. Overall, I loved this book and I'm sure many others have and will too.

Jan 03, Caleb rated it really liked it. This book is perfect for all readers who are into sports or are looking for a good book about hard work, determination, and practice.

It was a very good book to read as coming from someone who loves basketball. This book is written by Mike Lupica, a famous American newspaper columnist who has written multiple stories about sports alike.

If you like this book, make sure you check out his others. The only cons I had with this book was it was surprisingly long and sometimes boring, but not often.

O This book is perfect for all readers who are into sports or are looking for a good book about hard work, determination, and practice.

Other than that, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars! Drew "True" Robinson was at the top of his game in his high school basketball team, and wishes to join the NBA in the near future.

He thought he had a solid chance at going to the NBA that he thinks it'll be a piece of cake. However, when a mysterious man, face covered by a hood, appears out of nowhere and shows his skills against Drew in a one-on-one match-which he believed it was a homeless guy-and wins the match, he realizes as he progresses through his high school life that getting to the NBA isn't going to be a stroll in the park This book was filled with a good story line and favorite characters.

This book is definitely not one you should miss Oct 25, Jacob Doede rated it really liked it. Personal Response I thought True Legend was a very good book.

I liked how the characters were described and how they developed throughout the book. Mike Lupica is a very good author which made me want to keep reading on.

He gets anything he wants, but he does not like that all the time. He wants to be an independent, regular high school student.

He meets an old man at Morrison Park one night playing basketball known as Urban Donald Sellers, which he used to be a pretty good basketball player in his time.

Urban Sellers mentors Drew into becoming a better human being and a better ball player. Drew meets a girl named Callie Mason, who he really likes.

They do not hit it off to well at first, but then after a while they start dating.

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