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Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Die Jährige Amy (Amber Marshall) und ihrer Mutter Marion retten den misshandelten Hengst Spartan aus den Klauen seines . Episodenguide der kanadischen Serie Heartland mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Liste der Heartland-Episoden der elften Staffel. Baby an Bord (Baby on Board). Staffel 11 Episode 1 (Heartland 11x01). Ty (Graham Wardle). Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der kanadischen Dramaserie Heartland – Paradies für Pferde, sortiert nach der kanadischen Erstausstrahlung.

heartland episodenguide

Finde die Folgen der 13 Staffeln der Serie Heartland (CA). "Heartland" ist eine kanadische Familien-Dramaserie für Pferdeliebhaber. welche 13 Episoden umfasst, während Staffel 2 und 3 jeweils 18 Episoden zählen. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Auf eigenen Beinen Nothing for Granted. Licht und Schatten A Fine Balance. Wendepunkt Breaking Point. Catch click here Release. The Best Laid Plans. April auf dem kanadischen Sender CBC zu sehen. Scott gesteht Lou endlich seine Just click for source.

Ty develops a high fever, but no one else can reach the fishing cabin because the highway is closed.

Lou was heading to a spa with Peter along one of the mountain highways, but they were forced to turn back due to the closures. Lou made an attempt to tell Jack about Peter, but Mallory and Jake spilled something in the other room, and Jack took them to Maggie's.

When they return, Lou introduces Peter to Jack, who is incredibly unhappy that Lou is dating an oil guy, even calling him the enemy.

However, after Amy contacts Jack via the cabin's shortwave radio, Peter organizes snowplows to clear the highway in the morning, and Jack grudgingly accepts him.

Amy cares for Ty overnight, and his fever eventually breaks. It turns out that Ghost really was there, not a hallucination of Ty's brought on by illness.

Upon seeing Ghost outside, the pair go out to greet him, and Amy begins to talk about what Ty said. She agrees they can't just be friends, admitting that she loves him.

Ty finally tells Amy his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Val gets her test results back, and they are negative. Val tells Ashley that she sponsored Caleb, which causes Ashley to become upset with her mom and Caleb.

When he returns to his trailer, Ashley kicks him out. Later, Val is driving along, and pulls over to answer her phone and discover that she needs further tests.

Jack gives Tim a loan, since Tim was thinking of selling land to Val to be able to afford to continue after losing his herd of cattle, which would turn Val into Jack's neighbour on both sides.

Once they return to Heartland, Amy and Ty get cozy on the couch. He makes Amy say she loves him again, and they kiss.

When a coach bus and a horse trailer collide on Highway 95, they block the route for Amy's school bus to get to her high school.

Ignoring a command to stay on the bus, Amy goes to help Caesar, a grey gelding with Olympic prospects, stuck in a barbed wire fence.

Amy calms him down while his trainer, Stuart Forrest, cuts the barbed wire to free him. When Amy turns around, a crowd has gathered to watch, with several individuals filming her.

One of these recordings is presented on the news, causing Heartland to become famous overnight. Amy struggles to keep up with the pressure while trying to heal Caesar, who is spooked by loud noises, cars, and horse trailers after the accident.

Amy earns the nickname "Miracle Girl", which she likes even less than the comments of "horse whispering" when people talked about Marion's and her gift previously.

Ty begins to question his decision after his first job with Scott was to help at the scene of the accident, which included the euthanasia of a few severely injured horses.

Caleb punches Ty for hurting Kit, saying that he had warned him not to. Jack lets Caleb stay in the loft with Ty, as Caleb is living in his truck, unable to get his trailer back from Ashley.

She starts working at Maggie's to afford to live on her own. Amy and Ty make plans to get Ashley and Caleb back together, so Ty doesn't have to listen to his snoring.

Lisa comes back from France and asks Jack if he misses her when she is away. Jack explains that he misses her, but there's a lot going on at the ranch to occupy his time.

Tim buys a new herd of cows with some of the money that Jack lent him. Jack gets upset, but Lisa tells him that he can't tell Tim how to use the loan.

Jack asks Val about her deal with Tim, and she says there isn't one. He also asks her how she's feeling, and she says that her doctor says she is in remission, but "this blood thing's a tricky customer".

This seems to imply that Val had one of the blood cancers leukemia , lymphoma , or myeloma which was treated successfully in the time between seasons.

Val hasn't told Ashley, not wanting to worry her, and she thanks Jack for taking her to her appointments, saying he is a true friend.

Amy finds herself caught in a family crisis when she tries to help a year-old girl, Taylor Kennedy, and her horse Trooper recover from what appears to be a freak accident.

Taylor was in a full-body cast after Trooper started galloping apparently out of the blue, and she fell off. Trooper also lunges at Taylor when they first arrive, and Amy notes that she has only seen this with abused horses.

Ty thinks it is unlikely that a young girl would abuse her horse, but Mallory cautions that they shouldn't underestimate Taylor.

After Amy has been working with Trooper and Taylor together for a while, getting her to spend time with her horse and then grooming him together, she assesses that the horse is fine, and that perhaps the problem lies with Taylor.

Amy also finds out that the Kennedys are getting divorced, and that Taylor will go to any lengths to get them to stay together. Taylor also almost hurts Trooper one night while he's in Heartland's care, advancing on him with a large branch in hand, while Mallory looks on.

She also gets on and hits him with a riding crop to make him gallop like he did during the accident. Amy stops them before they reach a cliff, but then Taylor starts running.

Amy catches her and reveals that she's pieced together the mystery. When they return to the ranch, Amy takes Kate Kennedy aside and tells her that her daughter needs some professional help Amy says she can help Trooper, but she can't help Taylor.

Amy offers to take care of Trooper while Taylor's problems are sorted out, however long that takes. In the meantime, Heartland continues to be very busy thanks to Amy's reputation as the "Miracle Girl", meaning that Jack is making extra pens behind the barn to deal with more horses, and Lou and Tim are thinking about expansion plans for the dude ranch.

Amy is also treating Roxy, a horse that is barn sour meaning she is reluctant to leave her stall. Ashley and Caleb continue to be at odds, and Amy brings Soraya into her and Ty's plans to get them back together.

The two girls talk to Ashley, but she has figured out what they are up to and why , and asks them to stay out of it.

Lou continues to try to keep Amy's schedule manageable, but Tim continues to interfere, promising service to people that Lou says will have to wait.

Jack's truck breaks down more and more often, causing Lisa and him to miss a wedding they were supposed to go to.

Lisa and the rest of the family try to convince him to upgrade. However, he continues to complain about the truck, its seat settings, its lack of comfort, etc.

He becomes upset, and takes the truck up to the fishing cabin. The family can't understand why Jack is so attached to his old truck, but the audience learns through a flashback sequence that Jack's late wife, Amy and Lou's grandmother, Lyndy bought him the Chevrolet Cheyenne 10 [3] as an anniversary gift early in their marriage.

In the meantime, Amy is trying to help a horse named Duke, whose stable-mate died recently, by trying to get him to bond with Pegasus.

Mallory and Jake stop by, looking for Kramer, Jake's black-and-white paint cow pony, who has a habit of escaping from pens by jumping the fences.

When they find him, they ask Amy to solve his problem. Amy recognizes that the horse actually jumps fences without provocation, simply because he loves to jump.

Amy's solution is for Mallory to take Kramer around a jumping course regularly, to keep his extra energy in check and make him behave for Jake's family.

Kramer also helps Amy with Duke, because the two horses become fast friends. She is then able to get Duke to socialize with the other horses and to get over his grief.

The end-of-school dance is also coming up fast, and Amy and Ty are supposed to go together. Amy was going to use one of Lou's old dresses, but Lisa gives her a beautiful turquoise gown from Paris.

Ty is worried because he doesn't know how to dance, so he takes lessons from Lou and Peter, who's back from a business trip to Dubai. Amy and Ty head out to their dance, but Ty's truck breaks down.

Instead, they wind up dancing in the bed of the truck, and Ty presents Amy with a promise ring. Ashley asks a rich boy from a private school to go with her as a date to the dance to make Caleb jealous.

Caleb hitches his trailer to his truck, and tries to pull it away, but he and Ashley wind up laughing about it before she drives off with the other boy.

Jack's problems with the new truck are solved when he finds a used truck, much like his old one, but in much better shape. Old Goldie the old truck is brought back to the farm as a "lawn ornament" and sits beside another old, dead truck.

Something is scaring the horses at night in the Hanley Barn and Amy is called in to investigate. At first, Amy thinks it might be the feed, but Mr.

Hanley rejects this suggestion as he'd already talked about it with the vet. Amy agrees to come back that night to investigate further, and Ty comes with her at Jack's request.

Meanwhile, Badger returns to Heartland, having run away from his foster home to see his birth parents, but they had moved without leaving him any contact information.

He talks to Ty about it, saying that he needs somewhere to stay overnight. Ty lets him stay temporarily, and Mallory finds Badger sketching by the lake.

Both seem interested in each other, as Badger almost tells Mallory she looks more grown-up than before, and Mallory asks about Tara, who Badger seemed to be dating when they first showed up in Season 2.

Clint stops by looking for Badger, and Ty pretends he hasn't seen him, to give Badger some time to cool off before having to return to his foster home.

Mallory steals food for Badger, and the story returns to Amy. She and Ty are at Maggie's, and Ty asks why everyone thinks the barn is haunted.

Soraya, Amy, Ashley, and Mallory recount the tale: A young man was working at the Hanley place, and fell in love with the farmer's daughter.

One night, the barn erupted into flame and all the horses, as well as the young man, died in the fire. Shortly thereafter, Mr.

Hanley's parents bought the farm from the previous owners and they built a new barn on top of the original's location.

Now it is believed that The Drifter, the young man, haunts the barn, and he is portrayed as wearing a black cloak, with a hook for a hand, and no face under his hood.

Just then, Caleb bangs in, wearing a heavy black cloak because the weather's turning. Amy and Ty go to the Hanley place, and spend several hours just playing cards.

While they are there, Caleb, Soraya, and Ashley show up to scare them in which they succeed. Noises come from upstairs, which Amy had noticed earlier in the day.

Amy and Ty investigate, despite Mr. Hanley's previous warning that the loft is strictly off-limits. They discover Mallory and Badger upstairs, and tell them to go home.

At this point, Mr. Hanley appears and explains that the loft has dry rot, which is why he told Amy not to go upstairs. In the end, Amy discovers that Mr.

Hanley's neighbour, Brett, has been spiking the horses' feed with a glycogen loader , meant to give horses energy, which is the reason they are so worked up in the morning.

He wants to force Mr. Hanley into foreclosure, so he can buy the land. Once that problem's solved, Ty decides to help Badger by coaching him through how to apologize to Clint, which Badger does.

Ty also tells Badger to come back to Heartland if he runs away again, so that he'll be safe. Later, Mallory flips through Badger's sketchpad while he's not around and sees a drawing of her.

She asks him about it, and they wind up kissing. Lou is planning on visiting Peter in Denver, Colorado, for a single day while he has a layover on his way back to Dubai.

Jack disapproves, and says it's an awful long distance to travel for a single day together. Lou can't understand why he's so easy on Amy and hard on her, but Jack eventually reveals it's because Amy reminds him so much of Marion, and Lou reminds him of himself.

He also says that he worries about when she'll leave again, possibly for New York, or worse in his eyes , Toronto. Bell comes over to use the kitchen to make strawberry jam with Lou's help.

While she's there, Mrs. She gave him a jar of jam, and he returned the empty jar with a butterfly in it. Towards the end of the episode, Mrs.

Bell brings a butterfly in a jar to the grave at the Hanley farm where he was buried, and releases it in his memory.

In the hopes of impressing Ashley, Caleb takes lessons in bulldogging from former rodeo champion Tim, who considers getting back into competition, and refuses to acknowledge that he may no longer have what it takes.

Amy helps them with this. Tim pays Jack back for his loan in cows, and Jack relives his glory days as well, working with the cattle herd.

He realizes he can't do it alone, and gets Tim's help, for a price. Tim wants a paycheque and grazing fees, meaning the herd of cattle might not be much of a return of the loan.

Kit's barrel horse is foaling, and Ty helps Scott check on the mare while waiting for her time to come. They talk, and Kit congratulates him on getting accepted to two pre-vet university programs at the University of Manitoba , and Grasslands Agricultural College.

Kit says she knew he could do it, though he struggled with Grade 12 Algebra. Ty assists Scott with the delivery, which is complicated by the fact that the foal is upside down.

Its head and right foreleg get stuck while Scott tries to turn it, and the foal is stillborn.

Kit and Ty sort out their lingering break-up issues while Ty comforts Kit, who is visibly upset. After the birth, the mare refuses to leave the dead foal alone, so they try to get her to bond with an orphaned foal, Merlin, instead.

It's hard going at first, but Amy comes over to help and rubs the foal with the blanket that was on the dead foal, making him smell like the mare's foal.

At that point, the mare accepts Merlin and he's able to nurse, which seems to be a success. Lou invites Peter to manage his business from the Heartland facilities while his office in Calgary undergoes renovation, which soon turns out to be a mistake.

Peter also interferes with Lou and Mallory's agreement for Copper, telling Mallory that she has actually completely paid off her share of Copper's ownership, and then some.

Caleb repays Val for her sponsorship, and he talks about his reasons for trying bulldogging. He thinks it will be safer, but Tim later tells him that it's even more dangerous than bronc riding, because there are more variables with more animals.

Val tells Ashley that Caleb's a good guy, and tells her that the money was repaid. Val asks Ashley to forgive her and give her a second chance and Ashley moves back to Briar Ridge.

While she's leaving, she seems to make her peace with Caleb. After Daisy rejects the orphan foal Merlin, Scott brings the colt played by a filly to Amy to care for him.

Ty and Amy split the every two hour feedings 24x7. The stress of the schedule and differences in foal read child rearing lead Amy and Ty to clash over how best to raise Merlin.

Lou arranges a meeting for Peter with a famously wealthy and eco-minded oil billionaire Richard Chenoweth at the Heartland facilities.

Something about Richard seems off whenever Peter is out of earshot. The local wildlife official warns Jack about a cougar in the area.

The cougar's presence in Heartland is unmistakable, eventually causing Richard to fall off his horse during a trail ride with Lou and Peter.

After Peter comes to Lou's defense following unwanted advances from Richard, Lou must defuse a threatened lawsuit from the unscrupulous businessman.

Lou is successful and in a most satisfying manner. Meanwhile, Val is trying too hard to reconnect with her newly reconciled daughter Ashley and Ashley is feeling suffocated.

The cougar is captured, revealing a secret and showing some of Jack's character. Ty is working a job at the race track in Hudson. While cleaning a stall some of the other race track people stop by and greet Ty with a little light hazing with a Jockey's buzzer.

Lisa watches as her horse, Lightning Dexter, is brought to the starting gate where he rears and drops his jockey, Liam. When the stewards rule that Lightning Dexter can't load and thus race Lisa asks Amy if she can work with Dexter on his gate issues.

Amy tells her that she can not take on another horse. Then Lisa decides to sell Dexter as a riding horse. Ty's mom, Lily, unexpectedly comes to reconnect with him, surprising all.

Amy is none too pleased that the woman who hurt Ty has come to visit. Jack offers Lily one of the cabins when she says she wants to stay for a few days.

Ty is ambivalent about his mother, and skeptical when she says she left Wade, the man who abused them. Tim buys the racehorse from Lisa that she has given up on.

He puts everything on the line, including pushing Amy to fix Dexter, to win big. Lisa is angry when she finds out that Tim has convinced Amy to work with him after she said she couldn't help Lisa.

Amy suggests foul play by Lisa's jockey and makes Lisa even more angry. Jack is stuck in the middle of Lisa and Amy's disagreement.

Tim has entered the horse he bought from Lisa in a local race and hires Ty to keep an eye on it at the track. Tim's rivalry with Lisa continues as she has another horse in the race, and Jack is caught in the middle.

Ty's stepfather Wade tries to work things out with Lily and creates problems for Ty at the track. Wade puts salt in Tim's horse's hay, causing him to lose the race.

Ty is about to spend his last day at Heartland before leaving for vet school, and Amy wants quality time with her boyfriend.

But when a wounded horse has Scott flying his plane to British Columbia to tend to the animal, Ty tags along.

Caleb plans on getting a pay raise from Jack, who has a different idea, while Val hires Amy to help get Apollo back on the show jumping circuit.

Lou struggles to find her maternal instincts when Marnie leaves her to look after Jerry Junior. Lou is also concerned that Jerry Junior might not be the only baby in her immediate future.

The search begins to find Scott and Ty. With Amy feeling helpless back at Heartland, she decides to lead a search on horseback. With Scott near death, Ty must help him survive.

While the boys head off on a fishing trip, the girls are left at Heartland to deal with the havoc caused by a dog, a porcupine, and a herd of escaped cows.

Ty is struggling with dreams about the wolf from his recent plane accident. Jack and Tim have "words" because of something Peter says.

Victor Whitetail visits Heartland, leaving Tim to wonder if Victor was more than just friends with his ex-wife. Ty convinces Kit to give her star barrel horse to Amy to fix, but when Amy brings Kit into the healing process, Kit puts Ty between them.

Meanwhile, Lou gets invited to Paris by Peter and is overjoyed until she learns that the trip is not exactly what she envisioned.

Peter must change his "big plans". Peter proposes to Lou. Amy has a memorial ceremony for her mom. When Kit's horse, Daisy, comes down with strangles while at Heartland, the stables are put under quarantine.

Amy is furious when she finds out that Kit brought Daisy to Heartland almost straight from a rodeo where many other horses had contracted Strangles.

When Pegasus catches the disease, it brings mixed feelings for Amy and Tim. Meanwhile, Mallory is trying to convince Jack to drive her to an Art Museum event where she hopes to bump into her former friend, Badger.

Pegasus dies. Chris Potter. Ty discovers a beat up classic Norton motorcycle offered up for sale.

The Norton catches Jack's fancy as well and soon enough Jack and Ty are seen bargaining for the motorcycle.

Ty's interest in the bike makes him a poor negotiator. Jack and Ty haul the motorcycle back to Heartland to the dismay of Amy who considers it a waste of his Vet School money and a danger, motorcycles are called donor-cycles after all.

Amy and Ty bicker over the motorcycle with neither getting down to what is really troubling them. While watching rodeo videos Caleb and Ty manage to irritate Ashley and Amy with their testosterone poisoning and making plans to go to a rodeo in Montana together.

Val having come through the medical tests and fears has composed a "Happy List" of things to do since life is short.

Entry number one is to return to show jumping with Amy as her coach. Val, not wanting to be seen beginning to jump again obtains use of an indoor arena for her lessons.

Amy does her best with the fractious Val who is not inclined to take instruction, resulting in one of those falls that jumping can induce.

As time goes by, Val eventually gives Amy's methods a try and jumps a series of training fences. Receiving congratulations from Jack.

Lou and Peter begin planning the wedding, which is soon overtaken by Lou's obsession with Peter's first wedding and Lou begins to venture into Bride-zilla territory.

Peter, becoming increasingly uncomfortable calls for a break so that each of them can think about what they want. Mallory pines for Badger, but when Jake shows up with a new girlfriend, Chelsea, Mallory seems unable to let Jake go his own way.

Jake seems a little unready to part with Mallory as well. Ty reconsiders going to Montana with Caleb, leaving Caleb preparing to leave on his own.

Ashley and Caleb quarrel over his going on the road to Montana. Caleb hurts his case by not inviting Ashley to join him now that Ty backed out.

Caleb adds insult to injury by explaining that having your girlfriend along is bad luck. Peter returns and he and Lou talk about the upcoming marriage.

Lou suggest that they elope which has been recommended to her throughout the episode. Peter says he wants a wedding, with or without the fancy tents.

Having actually talked about their feelings, things seem to be back on track. Amy and Ty talk about the motorcycle, and Amy explains that she hasn't healed from Ty's plane crash even if he has.

Having actually talked about their feelings, Ty gives Amy a helmet and they happily head out for a spin on the Norton.

Ashley talks to her mother who, remarkably, gives some good advice. Ashley sets out to join Caleb in Montana.

The episode ends with everyone, including Val, watching the Montana rodeo on TV. Caleb comes on the TV riding a bareback bronc, and does well.

After the whistle Caleb gets hung up in his rigging and winds up unconscious on the ground while a horrified Ashley watches her biggest fear play out in front of her, all while their friends and family watch from afar.

Amy and Ty discover that Mr. Hanley has abandoned his horses and is on the brink of losing his farm. Lisa comes back from Europe and feels that there may be something between Jack and Val.

Lou is in the middle of wedding plans. Mallory is being extra nice to Lou because she wants to be asked to be one of her brides maids.

Jack proposes to Lisa. Caleb is back and depressed. Caleb becomes addicted to his pain medicine, he steals Ty's bike and wrecks it.

Lisa wants to tell Lou and Amy that she and Jack are engaged, but Jack doesn't want to overshadow Lou and Peter's wedding plans.

The Hudson townspeople gossip over Jack and Lisa. After a visit with Val, Lisa has second thoughts. Jack and Lisa decide not to get married.

Caleb gets back on his horse. When Amy follows in her mother's footsteps and enters into a professional colt starting competition, her gift with horses and her self-confidence are put to the test.

At first, Garrett seems to be the best and Amy is struggling. But Garrett encourages her and helps her win. Tim wants to take his racehorse to California.

Ashley tells Caleb she loves him, but breaks up with him because he's going on the rodeo circuit.

A surprise announcement by Peter throws Lou's wedding plans into disarray while Amy and Ty make difficult decisions about their futures.

Amy then gives back their "Promise" ring that Ty gave her, then asks for it back. Lisa is being careful not to interfere with Lou's wedding even when Lou needs her help, making Lou feel responsible for Lisa and Jack changing their minds on the engagement.

After his break-up with Ashley, Caleb decides to let her go on the rodeo circuit with him. Amy treats one of the horses of a fellow Ring of Fire contestant, which causes mixed feelings.

Lou and Peter get married. Ty returns home after an absence of three months but brings a young woman, Blair, whom he says is a friend.

Amy is not happy, and Ty is oblivious to why she is mad. Blair kisses Ty, but he doesn't reciprocate her feelings, nor does he tell Amy.

In the end, Blair leaves with her boyfriend, with Amy accepting that Ty and Blair are just friends.

Amy scratches the surface to discover Nick Harwell's problems with his polo horse, Dusty. All of the polo horses get sick, so it is up to Ty and Scott to find the problem.

Lou hates Dubai, and Tim is dating his jockey, inviting her to Heartland without telling anyone about their true relationship.

Jack and Caleb try to appease Lou by fitting a water system for the horses, but things don't quite go to plan. Amy is angry when Chase comes back and insists on her performing a horse clinic with him.

When Amy refuses, Chase puts flyers up all over town advertising their show, and she cannot back out. When the show is over, Chase kisses Amy, who kisses him back but does not reciprocate his feelings.

She later tells Ty, who forgives her, but punches Chase when he next sees him. Lisa offers to buy the dude ranch. Mrs Bell and Sugarfoot are run off the road by Chase and Ty comes to their aid.

Overhearing Ty's concerns about how he will afford vet school, Mrs Bell offers to become his honorary grandmother and to pay for his education, an offer Ty happily accepts.

Amy is offered a full scholarship for a equine program. With Lou thinking she is stupid not to take it, Amy has problems choosing, and with the fact she is graduating without her mom there.

Badger is back and tries to fight for Mallory. Spartan colicks. Tim and Lisa clash over the price for the dude ranch. Amy decides to take a year off of school.

John Fawcett. Amy and Ty convince Sarah, the town hermit, to let them treat her sick horse at Heartland.

Badger and Mallory go on an adventure neither of them will soon forget. They get trapped in a mine and Jake saves them.

Tim gets Amy to ride Lightning Dexter in a stakes race when he finds out his girlfriend Janice has taken a jockeying position with another owner, Dan, who is also Lisa's ex.

Badger rolls into Heartland driving a sweet used car. Ty discovers that the car is stolen. Jake gets help from Jack with driving. Mallory is torn between Jake and Badger.

Peter tries to buy his way out of the doghouse with Lou while Caleb buys his way into the poorhouse for Ashley.

Caleb turns to Kit to partner with him so they can win a team roping jackpot. This sets in motion a series of strange events, which results in some unusual team pairings.

Kit and Amy pair up and win. Tim is concerned that Lightning Dexter is starting to cost him a lot of money but is not able to race.

When the opportunity comes up to possibly sell the horse, he plots to get the maximum amount of cash. Jack finds himself in a bidding 'war' with Lisa against her ex-husband Dan.

Mallory and Badger's relationship starts to heat up again, but Mallory wonders if she's picked the right guy when she watches Jake and Jamie.

She decides she wants Jake. Ashley's mom buys the land Ashley and Caleb live on. Amy is hired to do a horse clinic with a group of prisoners.

One of them is Joe, an old friend of Ty's. Mallory and Badger come to terms with their relationship after an incident where everyone finds out that Jake and Badger are both allergic to bees.

Badger leaves. Ty and Amy find a calf in the woods which leads them to Tim's stolen cattle. Tim convinces the family that they need to take the law into their own hands.

But the cattle rescue and subsequent drive has to maneuver a dangerous course when they come face to face with the rustlers who shot Tim two years ago, and Mallory's attempt to be part of the adventure puts her in harm's way.

Val's efforts to convince Ashley and Caleb to sign a marriage contract leads to a shocking revelation. They are not legally married.

Lou returns home from Dubai, in no mood to answer questions about her marriage or why she isn't with her husband. Grant and Blair — Ty's travel buddies — return to Heartland.

Also, Caleb and Ashley have difficulty adjusting to the reality that they aren't legally married.

Caleb receives advice from Tim. Mallory's adventure of being locked in the horse trailer and being returned to Heartland by the police is still reverberating.

Meanwhile, Lou gets news that will have a huge impact on her and Peter's lives. Amy fights to keep Lightning Dexter in the family when she learns Tim is putting his horse up for sale in a claiming race.

Ty neglects his schoolwork to help Caleb hustle money at a pool hall. Chase Powers gets involved in the Dexter claiming race ordeal and makes things awkward between Amy and Ty.

Meanwhile, a pregnant Lou has a great idea for the baby's nursery that doesn't sit well with Jack. Peter has problems of his own as he tries to conduct his company's business from Heartland.

Mallory quits her job at Heartland and comes to work at Maggie's. While Lou is having the troops clean out the closet in Marion's old room, preparing to transform it into a nursery, some interesting items are found.

A guitar which used to belong to Lyndy — Jack's late wife and Marion's mother — is found and Jack finds something interesting in its case.

A trophy for "all-round cowboy" won by Tim in Ponoka two decades ago also gets uncovered. Repairs needed to the trophy prompt Caleb to offer to get it fixed.

Jack says the most romantic thing he has ever muttered. And Caleb and Ashley get married again, for real. Ty continues down his road of recent confusion, so Jack offers advice.

To make a point, Jack does something quite dramatic and it puts Ty in a situation which causes his true nature to step up. Lisa and Lou have words deciding how the Dude Ranch will be run once Lou has her baby, and Lou has some words of wisdom for Amy as well.

His daughter Rihanna's horse is too much for Rihanna to handle but he won't accept that. Chase tries to help by giving Rihanna a new bit, but she is too eager to make her dad proud and has an accident.

Stuart then decides to sue Heartland for negligence. Peter is being sued and is bankrupt. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to persuade Mallory to come back to Heartland and care for Copper.

There is a bear hanging around Heartland and getting into things on the farm. Amy is doing her best to put the lawsuit behind her. When Ty comes to talk to Amy about it, she kisses him and Ty kisses back.

While Amy is out for a trail ride, she runs into the bear. Lou is feeling that it's the worst possible time to have a baby.

Caleb returns from the honeymoon by himself, while Ashley is still in Italy. Stuart has a revelation when his daughter tells him it's his fault she doesn't want to ride anymore and that she hates him.

He decides not to go through with the lawsuit. Soraya and Chase argue and have disagreements. Caleb's friend Bryce, a paralyzed military vet and ex-rodeo star, hires Amy to help sell his roping horse.

However, Amy sees an opportunity to re-train both horse and rider, though she needs help to convince this cowboy that he can recapture his love for riding despite his injury.

Tim shares a misunderstanding with Jack through a lack of communication. Ashley hasn't returned yet and Caleb wonders if Ashley likes Italy more than she likes him.

Lou agrees to be Marnie's labour coach, but being around Marnie's rambunctious toddler makes her wonder if she's really cut out for motherhood.

Tim and his girlfriend announce that they are selling the ranch and moving to California. But one of Tim's old girlfriends comes back and claims that Tim is the father of her son, Shane, and a paternity test says that he is.

Ashley finally comes home. Ty is still having trouble just being friends with Amy. Ashley decides to go to school in British Columbia and Caleb is not sure if to go or to stay.

Amy and Ty work through their trust issues as they train a pair of Clydesdales. Tim is still reeling from the knowledge that Shane is in fact his son but he finds himself bonding with the boy despite himself.

Bad feelings resurface between Caleb and Val when he accuses her of manipulating Ashley and her decision to go away to university. Caleb decides to go with Ashley to British Columbia.

Meanwhile, Lou's due date is still three weeks away. Lou goes into labour at home, and Ty and Amy deliver her daughter.

Amy and Ty race to save starving horses trapped in the avalanching-mountains during Christmas. Jack and Tim decide to go with them.

Lou starts stressing about how Peter and the rest of the family won't make it back in time for Christmas, while she is stuck looking after Christmas-obsessed-Mallory.

Everybody makes it home for Christmas and Mallory's parents make the flight through the storm.

Amy is inspired to take her horsemanship to a new level when she works with a professional liberty horse trainer.

She realizes she has to return to her roots when it comes to her work with horses and her relationship with Ty.

Meanwhile, a leaky roof causes Ty to make a big decision that he thinks will help them grow as a couple by moving into Ashley and Caleb's trailer.

When Tim is coerced to go with Jack on a secret mission to find Shane and Miranda, Amy is left at Heartland with Janice to get a young race horse ready for his maiden run.

The pair clash over their different horse-training styles. Meanwhile, Ty has planned Amy a dinner but there's been a racoon hiding in the trailer, so they make a slight change of arrangements.

When Tim accidentally reveals to the family that Shane is his son, it threatens to ruin the traditional Bartlett-Fleming naming ceremony for Lou's baby girl.

Lou doesn't think her mother-in-law likes her but the two reconcile their differences. Lou names her baby Catherine Marion Minnie, or Katie, for short.

Amy and Lou accept Shane into the family. When Amy works with a chuck wagon horse, she discovers an impediment that could put the team in danger and change the dynamics of a prominent chuck wagon family.

Caleb returns without Ashley. The whole family is sleep deprived from the new baby. Lou and Peter try to get Katie to sleep.

Amy helps to restore the confidence of a troubled trick-rider so that she can get back on her horse and perform again.

With the house being overcrowded, Jack builds an outhouse to accommodate. Caleb continues to pine over Ashley, gets drunk, and meets a girl.

Caleb says he and Ashley are separated. Lou and Peter decide to build a house at Heartland. A friend from Jack's past shows up at Heartland when one of their old band mates passes away.

Caleb's 'bar girl' shows up at Heartland asking Amy for help with her horse. Caleb tries to teach her to bronc ride. Amy wonders if she worries too much and decides to ride a mechanical bull.

When Shane arrives to stay for the summer, Tim tries to impress all three of his kids with a Western day trip and ends up stuck at an old western movie set.

Caleb tries bull riding after he and Ty make a bathtub fly. Mallory finds out something about Lou that upsets her.

Mallory found a nanny cam and thought Lou was spying, but Lou never turned it on. When Ty visits Mrs. Bell to thank her for paying his school fees, he and Amy are surprised to learn that she's moved out of her home and away from Sugarfoot.

When Ty and Amy find Mrs. Bell in a retirement home, they break her out and bring her home. Ty finds out Mrs.

Bell wasn't paying his school fees. Janice and Tim argue over Shane going to the races with them. Lou gets a job Soraya moves to London to be with her boyfriend.

Ty's stepdad paid his tuition. When Tim's young racehorse, Cisco, is stolen on the way to his maiden race, Amy and Ty get help tracking him down from Ty's step-father, Wade.

When Amy tries to heal an abused and extremely violent racehorse, Ty and Jack think she's taken on more than she can handle, but can Amy prove them wrong?

Meanwhile, Caleb gets a letter from Ashley stating that they're getting a divorce. Ty's mother, Lily, returns to Heartland with shocking news about his father and a secret that threatens her relationship with her son; she and Wade are back together.

Meanwhile, Amy continues to work with Alcatraz, revealing anything is possible if you give it a chance. When Jack learns that Ty is riding his bike solo to a remote lake to spread his father's ashes, he decides to join him.

Still hurt that Ty decided to go his own way, Amy puts her mind back into working with Alcatraz. When Bryce — the paralyzed war veteran- returns, Alcatraz is given another chance and finds a new purpose.

To avoid hitting a wolf, Ty crashes his bike on a remote road and is badly injured, leaving Jack to search for help in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Amy sees the mustang, Ghost, which she believes shows that something has befallen Ty and Jack. Ty and Jack are rescued.

Peter and Lou both get a promotion. Tim begins his custody battle with Miranda over Shane. Amy is roped into helping Tim project a positive image to the community, in hopes it will further his custody battle for Shane.

Lou and Peter's house is starting to be built, but they decide to buy a house instead. Ty gets back on his bike and Caleb returns.

When tragedy strikes, Amy must find a way to save Mr. Hanley's rescue horses from kill buyers, and Mallory tries to convince Mrs.

Bell to save her childhood home. Peter and Lou are looking for a new home and find the perfect place, but things don't go according to plan.

Tim proposes to Janice to help him with the custody battle, and she accepts. When she finds out his real reason for proposing, she breaks up with him.

Bell buys the Hanley house, then sells it to Lou and Peter. Amy and Ty join Scott on a trip back to his old reservation to save a herd of wild horses from the dangerous EHV-1 virus.

Tim is having trouble coping with his recent break up and the stress of his custody battle and starts to drink again.

Mallory is having a big sweet sixteen party until she finds out heartbreaking news. When Amy's dog Lobo is injured by a trigger-happy rancher, it's up to Ty to save his life, meanwhile good old Jack has gone to Moosejaw to persuade Miranda to come back to Heartland to help sort out Tim's struggle.

Mallory tries to raise money to help her get an apartment so she will not have to move to Nashville. Jake saves Mallory from a lot of trouble with her dad.

Mallory moves away. Tim gives up drinking. When a mystery horse arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are sent down a path that will alter their lives.

Ty plans on proposing to Amy and is struggling to find the right moment to propose. Amy decides to stay at Heartland, and Jack goes to Paris.

Shane shows up at Heartland, and Tim and Miranda realize they have to take into consideration what he wants. Miranda kisses Tim and decides to let Shane visit him anytime he wants.

Amy finds the ring. Amy is bursting to ask Ty about the engagement ring, and why he hasn't proposed yet, but a couple of "runaways" throw everything at Heartland into turmoil.

One of the "runaways" is a horse that likes to jump fences; Amy is trying to find the owner but she grows attached and gives the horse a name: Phoenix Rising.

The other "runaway" is an eleven-year-old girl whose name is Georgina, but who wants to be called Georgie. Lou and Peter's house is nothing but trouble.

Ty struggles to deal with the fact that Amy has found the engagement ring and has to decide how and whether he is going to propose to her.

Kendra, Phoenix's owner, comes to Heartland to take him home. Amy discovers that Kendra, although she loves her horses, has problems taking proper care of them.

Meanwhile Georgie, the year-old runaway, is proving to be quite a handful. Ty and Amy decide to wait. Tim hopes for a big commission when he helps a wealthy weekend cowboy look for his dream ranch, while Amy's stuck teaching the client's trophy wife how to ride.

Lisa is back but Georgie keeps interrupting Jack and Lisa's time together. Mallory comes home. There's a new vet student at the clinic named Cassandra Fay.

Amy tries to fulfill Mallory's dream of being a show jumper but discovers that Georgie has the natural talent.

Lisa buys a digital picture frame with all of her and Jack's pictures from France. Ty studies for his finals with the new vet student, Cassandra.

Miranda and Tim kiss. Lou leaves for New York. Jack and Tim buy a buffalo. Janice brings Cisco Kid and her emotional baggage over Tim to Heartland for Amy to figure out why Cisco's lost that winning feeling.

Georgie and Mallory try to rescue a stray dog from a well. Tim gives Cisco to Janice. Ty gets into vet school and a scholarship. Amy seeks out an up-and-coming show jumper, Jeremy Hughes, to learn why he's refusing Scott and Ty's suggested treatment for his horse Buckingham.

Mallory and Georgie finally get along. Lisa decides she and Jack need to take a break. Chase Powers returns to Heartland with his wife, Hayley, who is an aspiring liberty horse rider.

She wants Amy to be her coach. Lou comes home and quits her job. When Ty needs some engine parts for his broken down truck he's forced to turn to the last person on earth he wants help from- his stepfather Wade.

In the meantime Lou tries to win Dan Lisa's ex-husband over as a client and Georgie has to work with Mallory in order to prepare a party for Ty.

Ty and Wade end up bonding. Lisa's ex-husband says that he and Lisa are back together. Ty and Amy each begin to wonder what they are waiting for to get engaged.

Jack has applied to become Georgie's long-term foster parent, so Clint interviews them, but things don't look good.

Ty and Amy have a life-changing weekend when they get engaged. Georgie runs away from Heartland to Lou and Peter's house, and it catches on fire.

A fire caused by electrical wiring destroys Lou and Peter's home and puts the lives of Georgie and Phoenix at risk.

Ty and Amy end up putting their good news about their engagement on hold. Amy helps Georgie when she has problems with a still spooked Phoenix.

Clint turned down Jack for Georgie's long-term foster parent, so both Tim and Lou try to help. Lou and Peter become Georgie's long-term foster parents.

Amy must make a hard decision about Phoenix when Jeremy's horse Buckingham gets hurt, which puts his jumping career in jeopardy. Caleb seems to like Lou, which leads him to punching Peter.

Jeremy gets Amy drunk in an attempt to get Phoenix. Lou hosts a horse show at Heartland while dealing with her problems with Peter.

Both Mallory and Georgie are training for the showjumping. Mallory's coach is Jeremy and she will ride Spartan, while Georgie will ride Phoenix and is being coached by Amy.

Mallory discovers Jeremy kissing Cassandra just before her turn to jump. She rides distracted, leading to her and Spartan falling after a jump.

One of Spartan's back legs is broken, and Amy faces a tough decision. Tim and Jack focus on how they are going to get the money for the vet bill.

Mallory and Georgie are suffering from the events at the horse show, in very different ways.

Ty's future as a vet is in jeopardy when there's a fatality at Scott's clinic. Lou has to deal with an overeager Caleb while she has to convince Georgie to play her new recorder for her music class.

To prove Jeremy was responsible for Buckingham's death, Ty searches for evidence. Jeremy is guilty of killing his horse, and Ty is rehired.

Amy works with Spartan now that has finally come back home, but he refuses to leave the barn.

Lou and Peter's romantic weekend is interrupted by Eden, Peter's ex-wife. Mallory tries to find Jack a date, since Lisa is in France and they have decided to put their relationship on hold.

Spartan faces his fear. Amy is having trouble dealing with a roping horse that only wants to buck and Caleb, who isn't sure he wants to ride broncs anymore.

Shane and Miranda are back in Hudson. Lou and Amy find out that Miranda and Tim have been in a relationship for months. Miranda and Tim break up.

Jack is offered a career opportunity and takes the job. Amy and Lou help Georgie regain her confidence as a showjumper when classmate Olivia makes her question her place in the family.

Eric Williams who has bought the farm where Phoenix used to live and its livestock sees his natural potential as a jumper.

Amy doesn't have the papers to prove she's Phoenix's new owner. Jack wants to buy out Tim, and their cattle are fine. Lou tells Georgie that everyone is behind her adoption.

With the threat of losing Phoenix to Eric looming over their heads, things become even more complicated at Heartland when Georgie gets a surprise visit from her brother Jeff.

When Jeff reveals he wants to raise Georgie, the family is faced with the possibility of losing her. Amy has second thoughts about going on a road trip to Las Vegas with Ty.

Meanwhile, Peter's idea of moving to Vancouver is impossible for Lou to wrap her head around, and Jack ends his partnership with Tim - for good.

Georgie's brother buys back Phoenix for her and tells her to stay at Heartland. Die Asche meines Vaters Road to Nowhere. Road to Nowhere.

Zurück zu Amy Aftermath. Wahlkampf Working on a Dream. Working on a Dream. Breaking Down and Building Up. Die Wildpferde Wild Horses.

Wild Horses. Die wahre Berufung True Calling. True Calling. Ein Flackern im Wind Candles in the Wind. Candles in the Wind. Running Against the Wind.

Widersprüchliche Signale Crossed Signals. Crossed Signals. Der schöne Schein Keeping Up Appearances. Keeping Up Appearances.

Das Naturtalent The Natural. The Natural. Probelauf Trial Run. Trial Run. Unerwartete Hilfe Helping Hands. Helping Hands.

Die schlechten, alten Zeiten Life is a Highway. Life is a Highway. Verborgene Talente Do the Right Thing.

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Playing with Fire. Gewissensbisse Waiting For Tomorrow. Waiting For Tomorrow. Überdosis Lost and Gone Forever.

Lost and Gone Forever. Fürs Rodeo geboren Born to Buck. Born to Buck. Wendepunkt Breaking Point.

Breaking Point. Unter Druck Under Pressure. Under Pressure. Alles auf Anfang Picking Up the Pieces. Picking Up the Pieces.

Nutze den Tag Living the Moment. Living the Moment. Die Abrissbirne Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball. Der Groschen fällt The Penny Drops.

The Penny Drops. Mit festen Willen Thread the Needle. Thread the Needle. Jetzt oder Nie Now or Never.

Now or Never. Wider besseren Wissens Best Man. Best Man. Hot Shot Hot Foot. Hot Foot. There But for Fortune.

Zurück ins Licht Darkness and Light. Darkness and Light. Das Grauen Better Days. Better Days. Der aufrechte Gang Walking Trail.

Walking Trail. Anknüpfungspunkte Lost Highway. Lost Highway. Vom verlieren und finden Things We Lost. Things We Lost. Wer wagt, gewinnt The Comeback Kid.

The Comeback Kid. Mit hohem Einsatz On the Line. On the Line. Die lang ersehnte Rückkehr There and Back Again.

There and Back Again. The Big Red Wall. Ein teures Geschenk Severed Ties. Severed Ties. Lug und Trug Secrets and Lies.

Secrets and Lies. Der Welpe Endings and Beginnings. Endings and Beginnings. Für das Allgemeinwohl Steal Away. Steal Away. Hannas Pferde Walk A Mile.

Walk A Mile. Blut ist dicker als Wasser? The Family Tree. The Pike River Cull. Kampf um die Wildpferde The Heart of a River. The Heart of a River.

Der stille Teilhaber The Silent Partner. The Silent Partner. Das Meeting Broken Heartland. Broken Heartland.

Im Schatten des Champions Riders on the Storm. Riders on the Storm. Szenen einer Ehe Eclipse of the Heart. Eclipse of the Heart.

Der Rachefeldzug Faking It. Faking It. All I Need Is You. Der Junge vom Heuboden Written in Stone. Written in Stone. Bär und Buddy Brave New World.

Brave New World. Ein neues Kapitel Begin Again. Begin Again. Neue und alte Träume Riding for a Fall. Riding for a Fall.

Die Treue eines Pferdes Ties of the Earth. Ties of the Earth. Der General und der Cowboy Back in the Saddle.

Back in the Saddle. Heldentaten Over and Out. Over and Out. Furchtlos Fearless. Verlustängste Reckless Abandon.

Reckless Abandon. Vergiftet A Matter of Trust. A Matter of Trust. Angst um Georgie Darkness Before Dawn.

Darkness Before Dawn. Hänsel und Gretel Making the Grade. Making the Grade. The Real Deal.

Lama-Boy Risky Business. Risky Business. Nichts zu bereuen No Regrets. No Regrets. Konkurrenten Making a Move.

Making a Move. Lodernde Flammen Love is Just a Word. Love is Just a Word. Die Silvesterüberraschung Resolutions. There Will Be Changes.

Um jeden Preis You Just Know. You Just Know. Rivalen New Kid In Town. New Kid In Town. Gemeinsame Entscheidung New Horizons. New Horizons.

Orientierung Something to Prove. Something to Prove. Eifersüchteleien The Green-Eyed Monster. The Green-Eyed Monster. Klare Verhältnisse Riding Shotgun.

Riding Shotgun. Späte Ehrung Here and Now. Here and Now. A Horse With No Rider. Rettung in letzter Sekunde Together and Apart.

Together and Apart. Fehlendes Vertrauen Change of Course. Change of Course. Die Rodeo-Familie Sound of Silence.

Sound of Silence. Überraschungsgast Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet Home. Jein Written in the Stars. Written in the Stars.

Ungute Vorahnung Forest for the Trees. Forest for the Trees. Schüsse ins Blaue A Long Shot. A Long Shot. Zwischen Leben und Tod Dreamer.

In letzter Sekunde Greater Expectations. Greater Expectations. Baby an Bord Baby on Board. Baby on Board. Höhen und Tiefen Highs and Lows.

Highs and Lows. Partner Decision Time. Decision Time. Abschiedsschmerz Hard to Say Goodbye. Hard to Say Goodbye.

Der erste Eindruck Measuring Up. Measuring Up. Die Ziegentherapie Strange Bedfellows. Strange Bedfellows. Our Sons and Daughters.

Ehrlich währt am längsten Truth be Told. Truth be Told.

Der Heartland - Paradies für Pferde Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Heartland - Paradies für Pferde in der Übersicht. Meistgezeigte Episoden der letzten 15 Jahre: Reise ins Ungewisse (76 Wiederholungen); Besuch aus der Vergangenheit (69 Wiederholungen); ​. Im Heartland - Paradies für Pferde Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller Folgen der Drama Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere. "Heartland" ist eine kanadische Familien-Dramaserie für Pferdeliebhaber. welche 13 Episoden umfasst, während Staffel 2 und 3 jeweils 18 Episoden zählen. Finde die Folgen der 13 Staffeln der Serie Heartland (CA). The Natural. Bei den Vorbereitungen für einen Werbespot geht einiges schief, und Lou continue reading unzufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Click to see more Chances. Love is Just a Word. Originaltitel: Strange Bedfellows Erstausstrahlung:

Heartland Episodenguide Video

Heartland: Season 13 - Official Trailer heartland episodenguide Georgie is shattered when her aunt threatens her future at Heartland. Lou eventually kicks Mindy out for behaving as a spoiled rich girl and disrupting the peace at Heartland, and she drives off into the sunset. Tim and Jack step in to help out when Ty makes a bad decision about a new truck. Tim proposes to Janice to help can carol peletier much with the custody battle, and she accepts. Georgie se learn more here distraire par le retour de Wyatt. Brave New World. Meanwhile, Georgie must work with an unlikely ally to find a way out of a corn visit web page. Cover Read article. A guitar which used to belong to Lyndy — Jack's late wife and Marion's mother — is found and Heartland episodenguide finds something interesting in its case. She manages to cause her fair share of trouble in the process, ripping off Soraya and stealing from Ashley, as well as creating friction with the Heartland family. Wer wagt, gewinnt. Die Treue eines Pferdes Ties of the Earth. Die Episode "Verlustängste" ist die 8. Marie aufrГ¤umen mit Sender- und This web page sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Walking Trail. Staffel 4. Over the Rise. Link Surrender. Come What May. Aber Caleb will noch nicht aufgeben. Originaltitel: New Kid in Town Erstausstrahlung: Das Baumhaus Just Breathe. Die Büchse der Pandora.

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