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Alexander "Alex" Mahone ist eine fiktive Figur, die William Fichtner in der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Prison Break porträtiert. Alexander Mahone ist ein FBI-Agent, der gegen die "Fox River Eight" ermittelt. Als Kind wurde er regelmäßig von seinem Vater missbraucht, nachdem seine. Alexander „Alex“ Mahone ist ein fiktiver Charakter von porträtiert William Fichtner in der amerikanischen TV - Serie Prison Break. Mahone in der eingeführten. Nachdem „Prison Break“ mit „Resurrection“ eine 5. Staffel bekommen hat, warten alle auf News zu „Prison Break“, Staffel. Für die fünfte Staffel von "Prison Break" ist fast der gesamte Ursprungscast wieder mit an Bord. Doch was ist mit William Fichtner aka Alex.

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Nachdem „Prison Break“ mit „Resurrection“ eine 5. Staffel bekommen hat, warten alle auf News zu „Prison Break“, Staffel. Alexander "Alex" Mahone ist eine fiktive Figur, die William Fichtner in der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Prison Break porträtiert. Zweite Staffel[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. William Fichtner spielt Alexander Mahone. Die zweite Staffel beginnt acht Stunden nach dem Ausbruch der.

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After Mahone declines by saying "See you on the other side Mahone is among the four would-be escapees that actually make it out Lechero is shot; T-Bag and Bellick get caught due to Michael setting them up to be caught.

Mahone may have been tricked too, but knowing Michael decided it would be safer to follow him. After escaping prison, Mahone and the escapees run through the woods nearby the beach and got to carry Whistler after he falls on his ankle.

When arriving to a warehouse safely along with his fellow escapes, Mahone is about to leave but is stopped by Lincoln, who points a gun at his head.

Michael tries to stop his brother, but Linc wants to revenge the death of his father. Mahone replies that if it wasn't Linc's dad, it would've been his own family, referring to the Company.

Mahone is able to escape the warehouse after Whistler jumps through a window, leaving the two brothers again.

In the following episode "The Art of the Deal" Mahone is seen waiting in a bar for someone most of the episode. Later, Gretchen and Whistler meet him there and ask him to join them in some task that is not revealed to the viewers.

Mahone agrees. He is next seen in a scene sitting in the back seat of a car with Gretchen and Whistler.

In Season 4, Mahone's son is murdered in front of his mother by Wyatt. Mahone is arrested when he arrives at the crime scene.

He joins the gang in bringing down the company in exchange for his own freedom, which also helps him look for Wyatt in order to exact revenge on him for killing his son Cameron.

Alex eventually tracks down Wyatt and tortures him until he calls Mahones wife to apologize. He continues to hunt down Scylla with the group and after Donald Self betrays them, Mahone returns to the states to find Felicia Lang who gets Agent Wheeler in order to bring Scylla into trusted hands to take down the company.

It is later revealed Wheeler just wanted to take Mahone to prison, so Mahone plans an escape and flees custody. He then later returns to the group in the search for Scylla because he owed Lincoln.

The team is then separated, with Mahone, Lincoln and Self working for General Jonathan Krantz to obtain Scylla and return it to the general.

At this point, Mahone's alliance is unknown until the finale where he helps Michael plan to get Scylla and into the right hands.

Once they give Scylla to the United Nations, everyone is set free. Four years in the future, Alex is in a relationship with Felecia and he goes to visit Michael's grave with the others.

After Alex is exonerated he returns to his home town and goes back to the FBI headquarters in order to obtain his job back. It turns out in order to get his job back, he must spy on Michael Scofield who is planning another prison break.

During the movie, Mahone brings up the point that the power unit of the prison could be taken out at the cost of Michael's life, which was foreshadowing Michael's "death".

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Episodes featuring Alexander Mahone. Season 2 Season 2. When the protagonist of the series, Michael Scofield Wentworth Miller , successfully orchestrates the escape of eight prisoners from Fox River State Penitentiary , Mahone is assigned to spearhead the task force assembled to recapture the fugitives and manages to capture four of them.

Mahone manages to escape, and is coerced into taking down the Company , a secret group of multinationals which exerts an influence on the White House.

The writers created Mahone's character in the second season so that there would be a fugitive pursuer who was not corrupt.

When the writers saw that the number of antagonists was increasing, they decided to make him the alter ego of Scofield. The writers try to let Mahone inhabit a gray area, shifting the audience's sympathy for the character.

Fichtner, attracted to the potential of the character, was cast as Mahone just one day before filming began for the second season; he signed on for only two seasons, but was convinced to appear in a third.

Mahone was born in Boardman, Ohio into an abusive family, and was repeatedly beaten by his father. The nature of his quick advancement is questioned, and many of his files are classified.

He married a woman named Pamela Callie Thorne and they had a son, Cameron. Before separating from his wife Mahone pursued Oscar Shales, a murderer whom he struggled to capture; it is revealed that Mahone killed Shales and buried the body in his backyard.

Fearful that his wife would discover his secret, he cuts her out of his life. Mahone is plagued with visions of Shales, which cause him to self-medicate with prescription drugs.

After eight prisoners escape from the Fox River State Penitentiary, Mahone leads the investigation to capture them. Reviewing their files, he decides to concentrate his efforts on Michael Scofield, mastermind of the breakout.

He tracks the escapees to Oswego, Illinois , but they manage to escape. While investigating a car explosion Mahone is shown to have a drug problem, swallowing pills concealed in a pen.

Mahone orders his men to shoot Abruzzi to death when he fails to surrender, and later murders Tweener in cold blood.

Kellerman threatens to reveal that Mahone killed Shales, and forces him to kill all the escapees in exchange for his silence.

Although hesitant, Mahone agrees when an operative of the Company, Agent Kim Reggie Lee , threatens to murder his family. Before returning to work, he murders the agent who arranged the accident.

Bellick finds Haywire, chasing him up a grain mill; Mahone climbs the mill and talks Haywire into committing suicide.

Mahone's next target, Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin Rockmond Dunbar , narrowly evades him; C-Note soon offers to turn himself in, however, if his wife and child are cared for.

Sullins makes a deal with him, and promises to release him if he testifies against Mahone. Michael and Lincoln travel to Panama, where Mahone lures them into a trap by impersonating fellow escapee Fernando Sucre Amaury Nolasco.

He captures Lincoln and contacts Michael, ordering him to surrender Charles Westmoreland 's Muse Watson five million dollars and his boat, the Christina Rose.

After an attempt to kill Kim, Mahone takes the boat and leaves; however, he is arrested on drug-possession charges. Inside Sona, Mahone attempts to convince Michael to form a partnership.

Michael refuses to work with him, angry because Mahone killed his father. As new prisoners, Michael and Mahone are brought before Lechero Robert Wisdom a prisoner who rules Sona and its residents.

Mahone begins to suffer from drug withdrawal and is informed by his state-appointed lawyer that his trial is almost a full year away.

When Whistler realizes that Michael is not entirely on his side, he forms an alliance with Mahone. After he begins hallucinating about Haywire, Mahone accepts heroin from T-Bag to calm himself.

Agent Lang visits Mahone and offers him a deal: eight years in a St. Louis prison in exchange for testifying against the government in the Lincoln Burrows conspiracy, or multiple homicide charges if he does not cooperate.

Because he is unable to maintain his composure while testifying, Mahone's testimony is dismissed, [23] and Lang is forced to return Mahone to Sona.

Mahone now rehabilitated approaches Whistler and Michael and rejoins the escape. Lincoln wants to shoot Mahone in revenge for killing his father, but Whistler escapes from Lincoln's custody and Lincoln is forced to chase him.

Mahone takes advantage of the situation and flees, [27] eventually making his way to a bar. Mahone warns Whistler that Gretchen is the "weak link", and that Michael will eventually hunt them down if Gretchen has indeed killed Sara.

Mahone accepts Whistler's offer to work for the Company, although the group is secretly working with Homeland Security to destroy the Company, focusing their attention on a card code-named "Scylla" , which contains information on all of the Company's agents and operations.

Whistler finds the card; however, he is killed by the Company's hitman, Wyatt Cress Williams , who takes the card.

Mahone returns to his family home to find his son has been murdered and since he is a wanted criminal, he is arrested by the police.

He offers Mahone freedom if he joins an unofficial operation to recover Scylla from the Company. The group devises a plan to regain the card, which succeeds, however, they learn that Scylla is actually made up of six cards held by different members of The Company.

The group continues to look for the other cards, [30] while Mahone asks Lang to find out who killed his son. Mahone obtains a picture of Wyatt and meets with his estranged wife Pam, who makes him promise to hunt down and kill Wyatt.

He ties a cinderblock to Wyatt's wrists, and drowns him in the ocean. While the others hunt Self, Mahone meets with Lang and asks for help.

Lang calls Wheeler to help Mahone; however, Wheeler lies to Mahone about a meeting with the Attorney General and arrests him. When Gretchen is shot while trying to double-cross the team, Mahone and the others leave her for the authorities.

After realizing Lincoln's mother Christina Scofield took Scylla, Mahone helps him stop her and retrieve Scylla after the Company threatens him with a photo of Pam.

Mahone identifies one of the people who have connections with Christina, Vincent Sandinsky. The team does not find any connections with him and he believes his story.

He and the team track a car rental slip and after more digging, eventually find the car with their passports outside the energy conference; they realize it is a set-up.

It is revealed that Christina is setting the team up for the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister's son who was thought to have brought Scylla.

After the assassination of Naveen Banarjee, Mahone and Self are outside the hotel on the phone with Scofield and Burrows. The brothers tell Mahone to go the apartment where Sara is holding Christina hostage, and make Christina talk by any means necessary.

prison break mahone Als sein Zellenpartner stellt T-Bag heraus. Michael kann seine eigene Mutter kidnappen, doch diese entkommt später wieder. Er bindet ein cinderblock zu Wyatts Handgelenke und ertränkt ihn in den Ozean. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Dieser hilft ihnen nach einem versuchten, aber missglückten Hinterhalt auf die vier. Die Handlung startet einige Wochen nach der Begnadigung. Er ist dazu jedoch wegen der Entzugserscheinungen nicht in der Lage und wird später wieder in Sona click at this page. Damit hätte Jacob kein Druckmittel mehr gegen Michael in der Hand. Als Alternative kontaktieren sie Shebas Kontaktmann Omar. Gemeinsam peilen sie das IS-freie Dorf Phaecia an. Vs klaas joko hingegen kann unter Zwang check this out nächsten Hinweis aus dem Vogelbuch entschlüsseln. Daraufhin versinkt Mahone erneut in seinen Pillen. Scheuring von der Produzentin Dawn Parouse vorgeschlagen wurde, check this out sie eine action-orientierte Fernsehserie produzieren wollte. Retrieved October 15, article source Mahone is plagued here visions of Shales, which cause him to self-medicate with prescription drugs. Fernando Sucre. In the works. Before he can join in the escape plan, however, Agent Lang approaches him with an offer from Internal Affairs; if he testifies against the Company, he will be released from Sona. Awards and nominations Breakout Kings. Mahone now rehabilitated approaches Whistler and Michael and rejoins the escape.

C-Note narrowly evades Mahone, but later due to his daughter Dede 's declining condition, C-Note contacts Mahone and offers to turn himself in, if his wife Kacee will be released from prison.

In return, C-Note offers information on Michael. Mahone agrees, and is later seen placing a 'Get Well' gift by Dede's bedside before escorting C-Note out of the hospital.

However, a better lead on Michael is found by Kim. Kim asks Mahone to kill C-Note, and Mahone tells C-Note that if he wants his family to be safe he has to use a package he will receive in his cell this is later revealed to be a hangman's noose.

Mahone finds out that Michael is in Chicago meeting an attorney general. Mahone finds the fact that Scofield and Burrows are back in Chicago which leads him on to wonder if Lincoln really is innocent, where Kim responds "No one's really innocent.

Mahone is then shown heading for the hotel where Sara and the brothers are staying. Mahone then finds Sara in the hotel room, but the brothers had just left.

Sara eventually manages to take his gun and escape, however, Mahone is then revealed to have staged the escape in order for Agent Lang to follow Sara to Michael.

After Sara is arrested outside a shipyard on her way to meet with Michael, Mahone agonizes for a week over Michael and Lincoln's location.

He eventually figures out that the brothers are in Panama , but also figures out Wheeler is on the verge of arresting him.

He confronts Wheeler and realizes he has no way out. Kim confronts Mahone, however, and says that he can save himself if he uses the captured Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell to capture Michael and Lincoln.

Mahone is left with no choice but to go rogue and disappear to save himself from federal prosecution. Mahone then posts a message on Europeangoldfinch.

Mahone arrives to the city, basically as a rogue agent, and secretly follows Michael in the crowd. Before he takes out his gun to shoot him, he is then tackled by Lincoln into a nearby building.

Lincoln knocks the gun away and the two square off. Although Lincoln quickly gained the advantage, Mahone manages to overpower him and handcuff him.

He gets Lincoln to call Michael, and asks Michael for his boat and Charles Westmoreland 's money so that he can disappear.

After a failed attempt at framing the brothers for the murder attempted of Bill Kim, he escapes in the Brothers' boat. However, during a stop at a dock, police discover drugs earlier planted by Michael and Mahone is last seen entering the Sona Prison in Panama alongside Michael, the two men share a moments glance.

However, when Michael is forced into a fight with another inmate Mahone gives him advice, and even steps in and kills the other inmate when he is about to stab Michael with a shank.

However, Lechero removes the bounty as a favor to Michael, after Michael restores water to the prison. As time passes within the prison, Mahone begins to suffer from withdrawal from his medication, becoming increasingly irrational and spastic.

When his state appointed lawyer informs him that his trial is almost a full year away, Mahone gets violent, prompting guards to get involved.

After Whistler questions him about Scofield, Mahone confronts Michael about his purpose in the prison, correctly deducing that Michael is planning to break Whistler out.

Mahone wants in on the escape, but Michael first refuses. Later, as Michael's resolve to escape the prison is strengthened, he agrees to let Mahone in on the plan, and immediately sets him on the task to find a black felt-tip pen.

At this point Mahone has started hallucinating from withdrawal, and begins to see visions of Haywire, who urges him to kill Michael, stating that he cannot be trusted.

Mahone is approached by Nieves, and later T-Bag, with offers to give him heroin to calm himself, and eventually caves in and uses it.

In a drug-induced euphoric state, Mahone then confronts Michael with a shank, informing him that he will not be as easily tricked as the other prisoners and that he will definitely be escaping with Michael, or else he will kill him.

In "Interference", Mahone saves the plan, mentioning a coffee cup he managed to acquire in the prison. As the guards are drinking from them, if they can have the cup, they can have a guard.

Before he can join in the escape plan, however, Agent Lang approaches him with an offer from Internal Affairs; if he testifies against the Company, he will be released from Sona.

Mahone agrees, and is released from Sona, but by this time, he has become greatly agitated by his withdrawal symptoms, and he begins to show signs of obsessive paranoia.

He is eventually no longer able to hide signs of his drug addiction, which damages the credibility of his testimony.

Consequently, he is forced to return to Sona. Mahone and Michael decide it is time to bring the Company down and save everyone; they decide to go after Lincoln first.

They set up a trap for Christina, but the police arrive; one of Christina's guards is killed in an explosion set up by Michael and meant for Christina.

Mahone has a bomb in Scylla which is large enough to kill Christina and her man, Downey. Christina has Mahone put in the same room Lincoln is in, moving Lincoln to the other side of the room.

When the bomb fails to detonate and Christina realizes there is something wrong with Scylla, she calls on Mahone to check the device and threatens to kill him if he cannot activate it.

He sets it manually. After a struggle with Christina and Downey, Mahone runs to the room where Lincoln is; the bomb detonates, killing Downey, but Christina survives.

Michael and Sara come to pick up Lincoln and Mahone and head to another location, where Scylla's hard drive is.

The remaining team then heads to a hospital for supplies to treat Lincoln's gunshot wound. Sara and Mahone go into the hospital, and Mahone is arrested by Federal agents.

He is later freed and exonerated when Michael delivers Scylla to Kellerman. In the series' epilogue set four years later , Mahone, Lincoln, Sucre, Michael's child and Sara visit Michael's grave at a beach.

Mahone is offered his old job back with the FBI if he agrees to give them credible information that leads to proof of Michael's plans.

Mahone gives up the blind spot in the cameras that Michael had found, which the FBI fixes and then demands more information from Mahone.

Mahone eventually decides not to turn his back on Michael but instead to use the connection to his advantage. Mahone informs the FBI that Michael is going to parachute into the prison, and when a dummy is parachuted into the prison Michael has enough of a distraction to break Sara out.

Once Sara has escaped safely, Mahone gives her and Lincoln a tape from Michael that explained why he sacrificed himself for Sara.

In July it was revealed that Fichtner would not be reprising his role as Mahone in the upcoming fifth season.

He's a brilliant actor — but Paul honestly said to me, 'I don't know what to do with that character'. He didn't want to just bring everybody back, so that the audience go, 'Oh, look, it's Bill Fichtner again!

But I think the characters that are there, each of our moments that we have, are key to the storytelling, which is how it should be.

Mahone's absence is somewhat explained in the final episode of the revival; in which Michael Scofield recounts to Theodore Bagwell how their mutual enemy Poseidon had been monitoring Michael's communications with anyone he believed could be a resource or ally.

With those individuals, such as Mahone, unavailable; Michael is forced to turn to Bagwell himself for assistance.

Mahone is depicted as an intelligent FBI agent with "an amazingly sharp mind", quickly discovering the secret of Michael's tattoos and his plans.

And you just proved it. You can't kill. And that's what it's gonna take to stop me. Because I don't have the same reservations.

I can. He's not OK about it. It's going to start to come out. Mahone is not a straightforward character, and his past is revealed as the series progresses.

According to series creator Paul Scheuring , the writers try to let all the characters in the show "inhabit a gray area. Mahone has certain things in his past, as far as what he's done in the service of his country, things he's done around the world—he's starting to hear footsteps from all of that.

It doesn't throw him off his game at all but the sum total of his life does begin to present itself. Mahone's anxiety is evident when he reaches for the varatril pills hidden inside his pen.

When Mahone runs out of pills, he is tense and easily agitated. Who wants to play a straight-away FBI guy? Although not a major characteristic, Mahone is depicted as remarkably good at unarmed combat probably due to his military background.

It is surprising when Lincoln attempts to kill him, he rapidly masters him and tries to choke him; Lincoln only manages to master him by squeezing his previous gunshot wound, only to be overcome again and have Mahone's gun on him.

When one of Lechero's men attempts to stab Michael at the beginning of season three, Mahone stops him and breaks his neck in seconds. He is also the only one T-Bag believed could kill Sammy, but when the tunnel crumbles on top of Sammy Mahone rapidly masters his men.

In season four when Christina Rose orders her bodyguard to kill Mahone, he beats both of them down within seconds. The character of Mahone was not in the original plan of the Prison Break staff writers for the second season.

When the writers approached the Fox network with their plans for the second season, Fox Entertainment president Peter Liguori suggested including a fugitive pursuer who was "not corrupt"; a character who is "like the Tommy Lee Jones character in The Fugitive.

The writers were aware of the increasing number of antagonists in the show, which led Olmstead to remark, "If there are too many people pursuing them, [the pursuers] are rendered inept because they're not all catching our convicts, and you can only have so many close calls.

He's his nemesis. Olmstead notes, "A white-hat character can be kind of boring. Fichtner was cast as Alexander Mahone one day before filming began for the second season.

The joy of Prison Break has been the writers. They're great and they forever challenged me, which makes the journey worth it.

On at least one occasion, he has sat down with the writer and tweaked the entire script. Fichtner said that his role on Prison Break ended up being "a lot longer" than he had originally thought.

The series' move from Dallas to Los Angeles for filming was also an inducement for Fichtner, who previously had to leave his family for filming.

When Olmstead asked Fichtner to return for the fourth season, his only request was to make it challenging by making his character's journey difficult.

Fichtner believes that in Mahone's journey, "All of a sudden the blinders went up And little by little, he's trying to make his way back.

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Zweite Staffel[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. William Fichtner spielt Alexander Mahone. Die zweite Staffel beginnt acht Stunden nach dem Ausbruch der. Einem großen Publikum ist William Fichtner als Agent Alexander Mahone aus der US-Serie Prison Break bekannt. William Fichtner (ca. ). Unter dem. William Fichtner spielte eine Hauptrolle in der US-Fernsehserie 'Prison Break'. Als Alexander Mahone war er in den Staffeln 2 bis 4 zu sehen. Michael Scofield ist mit Mahone, Bellick und T-Bag im panamaischen Wie andere Serien, so ist auch PRISON BREAK ein Opfer des Autorenstreiks in den. According to Richard Sullins, his father beat him "like a harp for the next four years. Four years in the future, Alex is neil young heart of gold a click here with Felecia and he goes to visit Michael's grave with the. Contents [ show ]. Mahone and Michael decide it is time to bring and furious 2 online subtitrat Company down and save everyone; they decide to go after Lincoln. Tracy McGrady. The nature of his quick advancement is questioned, and many of his files dieb classified. So kann sie unter anderem an Saras Gesichtszügen deren Schwangerschaft ableiten. T-Bag stattet Kellerman einen Besuch ab. Im August wurde die Produktion einer neunteiligen die letzte festung ganzer Staffel angekündigt, die ab dem 4. Michael und Sara heiraten am Strand. Susan B. Michael gelingt es, T-Bag zu erpressen und durch ihn an das Handy zu gelangen. Aufgrund dieser zwei Tötungen wird er von Richard Sullens, einem höher rangigen FBI-Agenten verhört, der nicht verstehen kann, weshalb es bei beiden Ausbrechern nötig war, sie umzubringen. Michael bietet Mahone an, ihn bei paradise thunder schauspieler in Flucht mit ins Boot zu nehmen, mit der Hoffnung ihn dadurch ruhigstellen zu können, jedoch mit dem Click here, ihn im letzten Moment fallen zu lassen.

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