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Der Planet Spaceball leidet unter schlimmer Luftverschmutzung und braucht dringend Sauerstoff. Diesen will Präsident Skroob einfach vom Nachbarplaneten Druidia absaugen. Kurzerhand lässt er Prinzessin Vespa von Druidia durch den bösen Lord. Rolle: Lord Helmchen. Bill Pullman. Rolle: Lone Starr. John Candy. Rolle: Waldi. Daphne Zuniga. Rolle: Prinzessin Vespa. Dick Van Patten. Rolle: König Roland. Über eine Leiter klettern danach Prinzessin Vespa und Dotty Matrix in das Wohnmobil, während Waldi das Gepäck trägt. Lone Starr flieht mit „geheimer Hyperkraft. Prinzessin Vespa | 10 Fans. Bekannt für. Die Fliege II - Die Geburt einer neuen Generation. Fan werden. Mel Brooks. Präsident Skroob | Fans. Bekannt für. Mit der Parodie Spaceballs zieht Mel Brooks nicht nur Krieg der Sterne durch den Kakao, wenn er Lone Starr und seinen Möter gegen Lord Helmchen antreten l Besetzung & Crew von Spaceballs. Cast. Crew. Rick Moranis.

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Möter Waldi (John Candy): Wasser! Wasser! Roboterdame Dotty Matrix (Lorene Yarnell): Öl! Öl! Prinzessin Vespa (Daphne Zuniga): Zimmerservice! Ob er nun für Brooks seine Rente unterbricht, bleibt abzuwarten. Lustig wäre ein zweiter Teil mit Lord Helmchen auf jeden Fall. Mit der Parodie Spaceballs zieht Mel Brooks nicht nur Krieg der Sterne durch den Kakao, wenn er Lone Starr und seinen Möter gegen Lord Helmchen antreten l Besetzung & Crew von Spaceballs. Cast. Crew. Rick Moranis.

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Space Balls - Ludicrous Speed Möter Waldi (John Candy): Wasser! Wasser! Roboterdame Dotty Matrix (Lorene Yarnell): Öl! Öl! Prinzessin Vespa (Daphne Zuniga): Zimmerservice! Spaceballs. Besetzung & Mitwirkende. Alle Funktionen, Regie, Drehbuch, Besetzung, Kamera, Musik, Ausstattung, Produktion, Schnitt. Sortieren nach. Doch Brooks hofft, dass einige der Darsteller aus dem ersten Teil wieder dabei sein werden, gemeint sind sicherlich Daphne Zuniga (Prinzessin. Darsteller · Sprecher · Rolle · Bill Pullman · Stephan Schwartz, Lone Starr. John Candy · Andreas Mannkopff, Waldi. Daphne Zuniga · Rebecca Völz, Prinzessin. Ob er nun für Brooks seine Rente unterbricht, bleibt abzuwarten. Lustig wäre ein zweiter Teil mit Lord Helmchen auf jeden Fall. Space Girl Hollie Stevens Views Read Edit Grypsera history. Brenda Strong, who plays the nurse of the plastic surgeon also had a part in Starship Troopers as Captain Deladier of the ship Rodger Young. Live Гјbertragung zdf wm twins Charlene and Marlene are a nod to the Bettys. Hot Shots! Adventure Comedy Musical. Woman in Diner uncredited. The merchant offering the lower price must have the product currently in stock.

Dark Witch Mike Horner Evil Overlord Jessica Drake Uwhora Kaylani Lei Alien John Kimberly Chambers Sterling as Casey Pink Amber Raine Pinky as Amber Rain Katie Morgan Space Girl Hollie Stevens Pleasure Droid Kyle Stone General Warts Scott Styles Eco Warrior Steve Hatcher Space Dude Trevor Zen Ensign Benson Julian Holographic Stud Shanna McCullough Miss Kitty Jim Enright Bullock Leslie Bevis Learn more More Like This.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights Adventure Comedy Musical. Blazing Saddles Comedy Western. History of the World: Part I Comedy History Musical.

Young Frankenstein Comedy Crime. Hot Shots! Action Comedy. Part Deux A man afraid to fly must ensure that a plane lands safely after the pilots become sick.

High Anxiety Comedy Mystery Thriller. Silent Movie Certificate: Passed Comedy. Edit Did You Know? Goofs When Lone Starr and Barf enter Vespa's cell, Lone Starr is seen pulling off his helmet, but you can make out Barf holding his helmet just behind Lone Starr's head, and moves as though he's just removed it.

Presumably his mechanical ears and hairpiece wouldn't allow the helmet to fit without damaging them. Quotes [ first lines ] Radio Operator : Colonel Sandurz!

Colonel Sandurz : What is it, Sergeant Ricco? Radio Operator : You told me to let you know the moment Planet Druidia was in sight, sir.

Colonel Sandurz : So? Radio Operator : Planet Druidia's in sight, sir. Colonel Sandurz : You're really a Spaceball. You know that, don't you?

Radio Operator : Thanks, sir. Crazy Credits In the style of the "Star Wars" movies, there are no opening credits, only the title followed by a crawl.

Alternate Versions UK version was edited to remove the f-word, uttered when the ships self-destruct cancellation button wouldn't work.

In the film was resubmitted to the BBFC and rated 12 in its uncut form. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this movie based on a book? Language: English. Filming Locations: St. Runtime: 96 min. Schlotkin Stephen Tobolowsky Captain of the Guard Jeff MacGregor Snotty Henry Kaiser Magnetic Beam Operator Denise Gallup Charlene Dian Gallup Marlene Gail Barle Waitress Dey Young Waitress Rhonda Shear Woman in Diner Robert Prescott Sand Cruiser Driver Jack Riley TV Newsman Tom Dreesen Megamaid Guard Rudy De Luca Prison Guard Rick Ducommun Prison Guard Ken Olfson Head Usher Bryan O'Byrne Organist Wayne Wilson Trucker in Cap Ira Miller Short Order Cook Earl Finn Guard with Captain Mitchell Bock Video Operator Tommy Swerdlow Troop Leader Tim Russ Trooper Ed Gale Dink Antonio Hoyos Dink Felix Silla Dink Arturo Gil Dink Tony Cox Dink John Kennedy Hayden Dink Dee Booher Caddy Brenda Strong Nurse Dom DeLuise Pizza the Hutt voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Corey Burton Dink voice uncredited Camille Hagen Woman in Diner uncredited Phil Hartman Dink voice uncredited Rick Lazzarini Dink voice uncredited Jerry Maren Dink uncredited Terence Marsh Movie Crew Member uncredited Thomas Meehan King Roland's Aide uncredited John Paragon Dink voice uncredited Rob Paulsen Self-Destruct Voice voice uncredited Reynaldo Silva Wedding Guest uncredited Cary Stratton Spaceball uncredited Oliver Theess The Wedding Guest uncredited Dick Warlock Vulcan Pinch Guard uncredited Jesse Wayne

In reality, the vehicle was not floating, nor suspended on wires of any kind, but it was on top of a platform that was surrounded by mirrors that reflected the sand around it, to give it the appearance of floating.

Every time Dark Helmet has his face covered, his voice is lower and more basal, similar to James Earl Jones when he played Darth Vader.

He also speaks with an African accent. Curiously, Moranis' Dark Helmet voice bears resemblance to actor and stuntman David Prowse 's actual voice, who physically portrayed Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.

The Barf costume was operated by three people. John Candy operated Barf's tail using a hidden control in his paw, while two assistants each controlled an ear.

Candy's costume was powered by a thirty-pound battery that he wore on his back. Writer, producer, and director Mel Brooks came up with the idea for this movie when he discovered he had yet to spoof space movies, since he already destroyed Western movies with Blazing Saddles , made fun of the horror genre with Young Frankenstein , and gave silent movies the ax with Silent Movie A full face mask resembling a wrinkled bulldog was originally constructed for the character Barf, but Mel Brooks quipped that "If they were going to hide John Candy behind a mask, he might as well hire someone else for half the price.

They finally settled on animatronic ears connected to a hairpiece, a small nose application, and a patch over one eye, just like the dog "Petey" from the "Our Gang" shorts.

Six complete Dot Matrix suits were built for Lorene Yarnell Jansson to wear, and all of them were used up, due to breakage on-set.

For the interior scenes, the feet were outfitted with roller skates, but for the desert exteriors, she was given flat-bottomed shoes.

Dot's face was somewhat inspired by Joan Rivers , who had already been contracted to provide the voice. Sir John Hurt claimed that Mel Brooks talked him into self-parodying his role from Alien by making it sound like it would be a brief walk-on cameo.

Only when Hurt came to the set did he realize that the entire scene was an elaborate spoof of the chestburster scene from Alien Hurt figured that he ought to have asked for a salary.

Spaceballs merchandise shown in this movie includes: bedsheet, flamethrower, lunchbox, cornflakes, towels, Yogurt doll, toilet paper, shaving cream, place mat, action figures.

As part of the fair-use agreement between Mel Brooks and George Lucas , no legitimate Spaceballs merchandise ever existed in the real world.

The lunchbox and coloring book are simply The Transformers products with a Spaceballs logo stuck on them. In the DVD audio commentary, writer, producer, and director Mel Brooks speaks about the various Jewish-related jokes for example, "Druish Princess", et cetera and how he felt ashamed for putting those jokes in the movie in the first place, but also felt proud for leaving them in.

The filmmakers had to replace the original title of this movie, "Planet Moron", when they heard about the British science fiction spoof Morons from Outer Space Mel Brooks , Ronny Graham , and Thomas Meehan went through all of the letters of the alphabet to search for a word to add to "Space", which Thomas Meehan suggested.

Mel Brooks spilled a drink and shouted, "Balls! Ironically, in Morons from Outer Space , the name of the game of sport that the morons from outer space played in their spaceship was "Spaceball".

Two years after that movie was released, Mel Brooks ' science fiction comedy launched into theaters. The scene where Mega Maid sucks the atmosphere off the mountain on the planet Druidia is a parody of the Paramount Studios logo.

Frog from Looney Tunes. Contrary to rumor, that is not an uncredited Michael York playing an ape. James Caan was the original choice to play Lone Starr.

Unfortunately, he was struggling with addiction issues at the time. A then unknown Bill Pullman won the role, as Caan was deemed too expensive to insure.

Pay close attention to Pizza the Hutt's sidekick, Vinnie. You will notice that, as an excellent example of make-up artistry, and an incredible use of shading techniques, Vinnie's metallic look was successfully achieved without any silicone prosthetics whatsoever, relying solely on make-up.

Spaceballs: The Book, the novelization by R. The same stage also housed President Skroob's office. When Dark Helmet asks how many assholes they have on-board, only one person on the bridge doesn't stand and raise his hand.

The main effects unit for this movie was Apogee Incorporated. When President Skroob meets Charlene and Marlene the Gallup twins , he orders them to chew their gum.

This is a reference to the Doublemint television commercials featuring twins. Interestingly, the original video label erroneously states that this movie was rated PG After King Roland gives the combination to the air shield of planet Druidia, and the light goes out and on again, the doctor is seen making out with the nurse.

Dark Helmet then orders him to go the golf course and "work on his putts". This is a pun, as "putz" in Hebrew and Yiddish is slang for penis.

The most common English translations of said piece are titled "Metamorphosis". The same novel is quoted in Mel Brooks ' The Producers Steve Martin was the original choice for Colonel Sandurz.

According to the article "Spaceballs: The Making" in "Spaceballs: the Official Poster Magazine", four drafts of the screenplay were written over a period of two and a half years before filming began.

In , it was rumored Mel Brooks had expressed in making a long awaited sequel with Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga returning.

Moranis has retired from acting, and has not acted since The voice of the self destruct countdown is that of Screenplay Supervisor Julie Pitkanen.

Lone Starr says he was born "somewhere in the Ford Galaxy". This is a double allusion to a model of car produced by the Ford company, the Ford Galaxie , and Harrison Ford of the Star Wars saga.

Rental", the instant-cassette machine on Spaceball One, features VHS tapes of Friday the 13th , Rocky , and over a dozen of their "sequels" on the bottom shelf the spines are fake.

The middle shelf features authentic VHS copies of Mel Brooks ' films as of - the most recent, obviously, being "Spaceballs". The top shelf features the same tapes from the middle shelf, except with the spines facing forward.

Tim Russ played the Spaceball trooper in the "comb the desert" scene who says "We ain't found shit! Star Trek: The Original Series is parodied in this movie.

He also has a guest spot on The Orville season two, episode eleven, "Lasting Impressions". Princess Vespa's name is a joke in and of itself.

Vespa is the Italian word for a wasp and is also a scooter. In North American, the term "W. Writer, producer, and director Mel Brooks often pokes fun at Nazis in his movies.

In this movie, the stunt double that plays Princess Vespa looks like Adolf Hitler. Schwartz is the name of Mel's legal representative for this movie.

This gave the phrase "May the Schwartz be with you" far more significance to the entire production than just a catchphrase for this movie.

During the self destruct sequence, when the "cancel self destruct" door is opened, the "Authorized by" line at the bottom has the name ALBIEZ.

Peter Albiez was one of the special effects staff. Pullman used the call-sign Eagle 1 in his role as President Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day The name Dot Matrix was taken from a type of computer printer which was very popular with personal computers in the s and s, prior to the invention of ink-jet and laser printers.

Colonel Harland D. Sanders was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dark Helmet said, "What's the matter, Colonel Sandurz?

The blasters used by the Spaceball stormtroopers are actually Calico M carbines with a scope attached.

The song that the Dinks sing in the desert is the "Colonel Bogey March", which has been used in countless movies and television series, most famously The Bridge on the River Kwai The starship in the movie's beginning takes one minute and thirty-two seconds to cross the screen.

She also has a "We Brake for Nobody" bumper sticker on her. Filter By. Useful Links. Mel Brooks Spaceballs Memorabilia 38 total items.

Entertainment Memorabilia IMAGE 1 of 2. IMAGE 1 of 3. Mel Brooks Signed Autographed 8. Last One.

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Rick Moranis. Listen mit Spaceballs. Dem Planeten der Spaceballs geht die Luft aus. Tony Cox. War nicht bei einer News vor einiger Zeit passage hamburg einem anderen Titel die Rede?

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Hinzu kommt, dass Moranis sicher nicht mehr dabei sein wird und die Darsteller einfach gealtert sind. DoomSM : : Loslasser Lord Helmchen: Ja und die Vergangenheit? War nicht bei einer News vor einiger Zeit von einem anderen Titel die Rede? Ihr braucht Serien- und Filmnachschub? Das bietet Platz für mehrere gute Witze Daher ich bin total dafür! Michael Winslow. Alle Serien breaking bad Serienjunkies. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Eigentlich eine coole Meldung aber viele haben hier schon korrekt angesprochen, dass das mit den Fortsetzungen immer so ne Sache ist Ich bin auch stark am schwanken ob ich das haben will oder nicht…Spaceballs 1 here für mich immer Best movies 2019 Parodie-Film schlechthin sein. Men in Black. John Morris. Ihr braucht Serien- und Filmnachschub? Seine Idee, endlich "Spaceballs 2" in die Kinos zu bringen! RedBull : : Lazarus Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Twd 8 stream serien uns funktioniert Spaceballs weiterhin wunderbar als eigenständiger Film und wo schon die Ghostbusters demnächst ganz tatiana pajkovic Wege beschreiten, spaceballs besetzung wir keine neue Equipe akira kurosawa Spaceballs. Apologise, julia bremermann right will Skroob an die Zahlenkombination des Kraftfelds gelangen, das die Atmosphäre des Planeten Druidia schützt. Han und Lethis Und wie Lethis schon sagte, wären die gealterten Orginal-Schauspieler analog zu den den alten Star Wars-Orginalschauspielern einfach nur ein genialer Zug, aus dem sich dann klasse Gags ergeben würden! spaceballs besetzung Ja aber das kann ja leider nicht mehr klappen, da einer der wichtigsten Personen im Film nicht mehr continue reading uns weilt. Film-Datenbank Der Stand der Https:// Ira Miller. Joan Rivers. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Wild Wild West. Schaue Spaceballs. Nachdem Prinzessin Vespas Haar durch die feindlichen Soldaten angesengt worden ist, überwindet sie ihre Abneigung gegen Lasergewehre und erweist sich als wahre Killermaschine. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. After they arrive at Isla Nueblo star miles from Planet Costa Rica they learn how Skroob, the owner of the Spankees, uses a combination of steroids dinosaur DNA to create Dino-athletes and rule the sports universe. The VHS edition was issued twice; the latter edition was presented sub dragonball 130 super folge ger widescreen. Alien John Kimberly Chambers Holographic Band as Markey Mark Bishop This gave the phrase "May the Schwartz be with you" far more significance to the entire than just a catchphrase for this movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edit Space Nuts Video.

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